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DonorPerfect Complies with Canadian Government Requirements

Canadian Government Requirements

Many nonprofits ask if DonorPerfect Online (DPO) complies with the requirements the Canadian government has placed on web-based fundraising systems.

The answer is YES!

Please read below to see excerpts from the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) website regarding the pertinent information. You’ll also see a link to the CRA’s website to so you can verify for yourself!

DPO complies 100% with the following:

“Location of Records” Requirements

9. “… where records are maintained electronically in a location outside of Canada, the CRA may accept a copy of the records, provided these are made available in Canada in an electronically readable and useable format for CRA officials and they contain adequate details to support the tax returns filed with the CRA.”

Electronic Records (including e-Commerce)

If you record any business transactions or business information on a computerized system:

  • You must make sure that your computerized system is capable of providing the correct information you need to calculate your tax obligations and entitlements;
  • Your computerized records must be retained and easily converted into an electronically readable format and be made available upon request;
  • Computerized records (electronic data files) must be kept even when a hardcopy is available;
  • It is your responsibility to arrange for the records to be made available upon request if your systems are stored on a Web server outside of Canada;
  • It is still your responsibility to ensure that the electronic records are complete, are retained, are readable, and that they will be made available upon request if you authorize a third party to run your e-commerce business;
  • You must ensure that your records can be decrypted and produced in an accessible and electronically readable format if they are encrypted; and
  • You must maintain the capability to retrieve the data already stored on the former system and provide the data in a readable format upon request, if you change your computerized record keeping system – either hardware or software.