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Overview of WebLink, WebLink Pro & DonorPages

Your DonorPerfect Online purchase includes WebLink, which can be used to create online forms that integrate with DonorPerfect Online. Below are brief summaries of WebLink, as well as WebLink Pro and DonorPages.

What is WebLink?

Our online system used for collecting donations, pledges, event registrations, item sales, memberships, mailing lists, etc. You can create forms using the Form Template Library, and make edits to your forms including field labels, auto-email responses, and header text and graphics. You can also duplicate forms and edit them – there’s no cost for additional WebLink forms you create yourself. Form data is easily downloaded directly into DonorPerfect Online, and is correctly mapped for easy filtering and reporting.

What is WebLink Pro?

An affordable but powerful upgrade that provides the ability to add and delete fields, sections and transactional items (donations, fees, etc). Using Pro, you can customize the specific data your form collects by adding new, unique fields that are automatically mapped and added to your DonorPerfect Online system. Each field can easily be coded with a solicitation, sub-solicitation, general ledger or campaign code of your choosing. Pro also provides additional field formatting capabilities.

What is DonorPages?

Our friend-to-friend online fundraising system where your supporters create individual or team web pages to help raise funds for your cause. DonorPages includes WebLink Pro, so you can combine these powerful tools into a comprehensive online fundraising system. You can create as many DonorPages websites as you need – no additional cost.

What are some ways I can use DonorPages?

DonorPages is best used for events or campaigns where you want your supporters to fundraise for you. Walk-a-thons, Dance-a-thons, Bowl-a-thons, Fun Runs, Annual Campaign and Bike Rides are some example. Your supporters can also set up pages to fundraise while they participate in their own events.

Which is the best tool for event registration without individual fundraising?

A standard WebLink registration form provides a quick way for constituents to register for your event, and is easy for you to set up. You can simply add a link to the form from your own website, and/or send the link via email and online social media

Which is the best tool to collect donations on my organization’s website?

A standard WebLink donation form provides a quick way for constituents to make a donation to your organization. A DonorPages WebLink donation form is designed to pass DonorPages specific data to DonorPerfect, which is unnecessary for general donations.

Further Questions about WebLink or DonorPages

If you have further questions about WebLink or DonorPages or are not sure how to proceed, please contact your Account Manager.