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Social Media Integration

Would you like to know what your donors are saying about you in social media?

This integration will allow you to easily search by the donor’s email address for their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts and store them in DonorPerfect! Plus, as long as you have a Twitter account, your donor’s Twitter feed will display in DonorPerfect.

Key Features

  • Search for a donor’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles directly using their pre-filled information
  • From within DonorPerfect, you can:
    • Save a photo from your constituent’s Twitter page in DonorPerfect to easily identify them the next time you
      see them
    • With a single click, update information in your constituents’ record through information provided on their Twitter page
    • View activity and areas of interest from Twitter
    • Report by total number of Twitter followers to target influential donors
    • View constituents’ Twitter feed and send them direct messages
    • Send Tweets to your constituents
    • Store your constituent’s LinkedIn and Facebook account
      URLs to quickly access while preparing for a meeting

Benefits of Social Media Integration

Now you can keep up-to-date on all of your constituents’ recent activity and information, as well as keep in touch with each of them personally. Plus, you can reach out to your most connected donors by tracking who has the most friends or followers on Twitter. For example, someone who may not be your target for a major donation could be the perfect person to help spread your communications (upcoming events, new campaigns, breaking news, etc.).

Twitter Integration Example

Nonprofit CRM with Social Media Integration

What about Facebook?

Our intention was to include more Facebook functionality. However, before we could complete its development, Facebook changed their rules for app developers (such as DonorPerfect), which made continued development of this feature an impossibility. If you would like to have fundraising insights from Facebook in programs like DonorPerfect, please tell Facebook your ideas directly.