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External Backup Assurance Program

Would you like to be able to store unlimited daily backups of DonorPerfect externally, using descriptive file names that you designate and manage? While DonorPerfect already includes the ability to have backups that can be restored, some clients have requested a backup of their data to reside outside of their DonorPerfect system. They also want the ability to save more than three backups, choose which backups get overwritten, and decide how to name them to best suit the archival needs of their organization. Whether to meet regulations or as an additional precaution, the Data Assurance Plan provides a daily backup file that your organization can download every day, for as long as you’re using DonorPerfect. If desired, you can even create an automated process to download this file to your own servers. External Backup Assurance Plan provides an extra level of confidence for reliable, external, and secure backups of your DonorPerfect system.

How it Works

We’ve created a process that will securely download a copy of your records to a secure site at midnight. Subscribers to this service will have their day’s data on this site until it’s overwritten again 24 hours later. You can simply create an automated process to download this file to your own servers or system each day.

Benefits & Features

external backup assurance for your fundraising peace of mind