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Former GiftWorks® Clients Speak Out

Recently, we’ve had a number of GiftWorks clients reach out to us due to the announcement made by Frontstream Payments regarding older versions of GiftWorks software. Clients feel it’s unfair to disable older, but still working versions of GiftWorks, and many have started looking elsewhere for donor management software.

High monthly fees and processing fees caused us to seek out a new data management system other than GiftWorks. We were very interested in the Switch & Save special that DonorPerfect offered which had much greater service and additional features. I don’t think GiftWorks handled the situation very well, forcing users to change quickly. I was ready to switch software anyway, so that was the tipping point to start looking for new software. We wanted something more powerful and integrated than GiftWorks and DonorPerfect is just what we were looking for.

Mary Wallace
Center for Women in Transition

International Book Project just completed our switch from GiftWorks to DonorPerfect last month. Not only do we have new volunteer management and grant management capabilities that were not available to us before, but the fact that it is a web-based system and all of my employees have access to it has made entering and retrieving donor information much easier. As soon as our custom DonorPerfect system was up, our time to process donations went down from about 6 hours per week to only 1 hour per week. This is a remarkable gain in efficiency for our organization and allows us more time and resources to focus on our mission! I definitely felt pressure by the announcement that our old version of GiftWorks would no longer be available after March 31, 2014. We knew we had to make a change well in advance of that date so that we didn’t lose our historical data, and DonorPerfect was the most seamless solution to both transfer our historical data to a new donor management system and gain those added benefits that I mentioned.

Kristen Svarczkaopf
International Book Project

Former GiftWorks® Clients Speak Out! We have experienced some very positive growing pains due to the growth of our donor base in the last 2 years. We have increased our contributions and donor base over 100%. As a result we have outgrown Giftworks and its ability to provide the necessary reporting and donor management we need. In addition Donor Perfect was the first and only fundraising software that responded in a timely manner to our request for information in our evaluation process, this includes Giftworks. The implementation, conversion and training process has been phenomenal and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to move to Donor Perfect. The decision to force older versions to upgrade definitely made a negative impression. That was the catalyst that caused me to start evaluating what other programs had to offer

Tammy Fox
Florida Keys SPCA

For our small nonprofit, GiftWorks’ new pricing structure would be at least triple what we now pay annually. There are several aspects of GiftWorks that we find either inefficient or restrictive or both, and the new services being offered by FrontStream didn’t seem to offer additional value equal to the new costs We were also interested in moving to a hosted platform instead of server-based GiftWorks, which operates quite slowly when multiple users are logged in. The cost of GiftWorks Anywhere was prohibitive for us even before the FrontStream acquisition so we decided last fall to evaluate new software.We looked at four options – DonorPerfect Online, Bloomerang, Salesforce and Neon by Z2 Systems. We have three staff members and several trusted volunteers who enter data. DonorPerfect and Bloomerang quickly emerged as the two front runners for both system design and ease of use. In the end, we chose DonorPerfect because of the screen setup and robust reporting functions. We believe data entry, integrity and reporting will be easier and more efficient with DonorPerfect Online. We can’t wait to get started!

Beth Ritter Ruback
The Crisis Center

Former GiftWorks® Clients Speak Out! We are a small non-profit and don’t have a tech team here. We had GiftWorks for a couple years but never got it fully up and running. We kept trying, unsuccessfully, to get it set up ourselves because we didn’t have a GiftWorks team dedicated to getting our data, codes, etc imported correctly. We had someone we could contact with questions and they would help us. However, there was not a team to get us set up when we first signed on. Our Executive Director had been hearing many great things about DonorPerfect so we decided to reach out and obtain a quote from your team to compare to GiftWorks. The costs were comparable, but we heard a lot of positive things about DonorPerfect and decided to switch. It was great that DP offered a conversion process where they could do it for us instead of us worrying and wondering if we did it correctly on our end. Plus, having a team to set us up with DP was a big plus!

Susanne Cover
Healthy Beginnings, Inc.

We had been using the Giftworks stand alone desktop version ever since I came on board over 2 years ago, and things were fine, but when they announced that we would have to upgrade otherwise our software would no longer function, that was the time I knew we had to search for another solution. I had reviewed many options out there and DPO just stood out! I got the best deal, the best customer service, the quickest responses and even after we finalized our account, the customer service has not slacked off one bit! KUDOS to DonorPerfect and your entire team, especially those with whom I deal through the online division.

Stacy Gingerich
Chehalem Youth and Family Services

We also feel this is wrong, and want to offer current GiftWorks clients a better alternative. Please contact your regional account manager for details on our special offer. (800) 220-8111 or