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DonorPerfect Import Module

Import Module

Import Fundraising Data

The Import Module makes it easy to import new records or update existing records.

With this module, you can import and update:

  • Names and mailing addresses
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Gifts and codes
  • Pledges, including pledge payments


  • Advanced logic helps match data automatically between the import file and DP
  • Multiple ways to find and match records
  • Save & reuse import settings
  • Option to force pledge amounts protects against lost revenue
  • Links pledges and gifts automatically
  • Import multiple gifts for the same donor
  • Preview data during import
  • Automatic field analysis checks for mismatched field types or lengths as well as missing required data
  • Fix-on-the-fly allows you correct data without leaving import
  • Import summary shows number of records
  • Safeguards ensure records are added correctly before import

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of file formats can I import?

Any ASCII, comma or tab separated file can be imported. Also, other file formats such as Microsoft Excel or Access can be saved in ACSII format.

Can I use this module to import data into my customized (user-defined) fields?

Yes, the module can be used to import data into any field that exists in your DonorPerect system in the main, address, phone, gift, and code maintenance databases.

Will this module help correct any problems with data in my import file?

Yes! Using advanced logic, the system analyzes the import file to make sure that all the information will be imported and processed correctly. It points out the errors while still in the import process, so you can make corrections on the fly without having to discontinue the import.

How can this be used to update my existing DonorPerfect records?

As long as the file to be imported contains data that can be matched to the DonorPerfect database, existing records can be updated with this module. In addition, you have the choice of overwriting current information, and/or archiving the old information.

Do I have to set up the import procedure each time I import a file?

No! The Import Module allows you to save an unlimited number of import profiles. So, if you import files on a regular basis from different sources, you only have to set up the import procedures once for each source. The saved profiles can be used each time you import from that source.

How does the Import Module integrate with WebLink?

The Import Module is designed to recognize your WebLink File and uses “Smart-Match” to automatically configure the WebLink data form to the appropriate fields in DonorPerfect. As noted previously, import profiles can be saved. So, once your WebLink data is imported the first time, the profile can be saved, allowing future WebLink imports to take place with virtually no effort at all.

Does the Import Module replace DonorPerfect Data Conversion services?

No. While the Import Module facilitates the import of a wide variety of data, it cannot check for inconsistencies within the data itself, or protect against every type of user error. In, addition, there are types of records that cannot be imported by the program, including contact and “Other Information” records. Ensuring that data brought into DonorPerfect can be used effectively requires a thorough understanding of DonorPerfect table structures and features. Our professional data conversion staff assists and identifies problems in your data that the import program would not be able to detect.

For these reasons, the Import Module is generally most useful when there is an ongoing need to import data into DonorPerfect, whereas our data conversion services make the most sense for one-time data import.


  • Eliminates manual data entry time
  • Makes it easy to enhance the quality of your data using external sources
  • Facilitates integration of DonorPerfect with other applications