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Empower your donors to be your voice.

With DonorPerfect’s KnowWho integration, you can match your donors with federal and state legislatures who can further your cause.

KnowWho is an extensive, updated congressional directory that provides your nonprofit with all of the information you need to effectively communicate with members of Congress by reaching out to your constituents in the DonorPerfect database.

Email donors the info they need in seconds.

DonorPerfect’s KnowWho integration can save you hours of time when you call upon donors to contact elected officials.


Here’s how!

KnowWho’s directory information flows right into your donor records. On a quarterly basis, DonorPerfect will first update your database with the NCOA service that ensures that the addresses and ZIP codes for your constituents are up to date and using the ZIP+ 4 methodology. Then a DonorPerfect representative will apply updates from the KnowWho data to place legislative representative data on each constituent record. Quarterly updates are effective ways to keep up to date with changes from redistricting and election results.

When you’re ready to send an email to donors, your DonorPerfect database will contain the data needed to send a message to all constituents about their representatives, with potentially asking your donors to reach out to their legislature to affect the cause both you and your donors care about.

There’s no need to pore through spreadsheets to connect your donors to people in Congress. DonorPerfect’s KnowWho integration and mail merge capabilities do that for you!

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It’s easy to turn donors into advocates.

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