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Low Cost Fundraising Software - Letter from Douglas Schoenberg to Nonprofits
Doug Shoenberg
CEO SofterWare Inc.

Don’t Let Spending Less Cost You More.

After working over 20 years with nonprofit organizations, I know that budgets are always tight and every dollar spent on administration takes away from the critical mission of your organization. Saving money is great, but be careful of software that is promoted simply on low price. Cost is certainly important, but software isn’t a “good deal” unless it makes your fundraising efforts more efficient and successful. Great software at a reasonable price — that meets the immediate and long-term needs of your nonprofit – is what represents a GENUINE VALUE.

DonorPerfect is fully committed to offering our products at the lowest cost possible. In fact, 20 years ago we pioneered more cost-effective techniques for selling, training and supporting fundraising software. That strategy enabled us to provide DonorPerfect at prices much lower than the tens of thousands of dollars our competitors charged.

We’ve continued to use the latest technology to drive down costs for our clients, and today we offer solutions such as DonorPerfect Online. I’m delighted that we’re able to provide such great pricing, but I know what’s even more important is that by leveraging our secure web-server network, smaller nonprofits are getting the same easy-to-use, flexible and full featured solution used by our thousands of larger nonprofits.

The Real Value of DonorPerfect

Increase Speed of Common Tasks

Some software is designed to look pretty at first glance, but as soon as you need to rely on it everyday, what really matters is how quickly and efficiently you can complete your most frequent tasks. DonorPerfect features many time-saving tools designed to save time on administrative tasks. Remember: saving time IS saving money.

Total Cost of Ownership

The most expensive software purchase is the one you have to make again a few years later. And its not just the money wasted on the original product, it’s also the time and expense of converting data, training staff, and struggling with inflexible, limited software. DonorPerfect is a customizable solution that grows with your nonprofit and adjusts to your needs – you’ll never need another software package again.

Raise More Money, More Effectively

Let’s not forget the primary reason you’re looking for new software – you want to raise more money! It’s simply not enough to generate a list of donors or donations. That’s why DonorPerfect has extensive data tracking, reporting, and analysis tools to enable better decisions and solicitation targeting, as well as integrated tools to support fast-growing fundraising techniques such as web-based giving, convenient processing of credit cards, or automatic pre-authorized collection for monthly giving programs.

These are the basic reasons why I know that making the right decision on fundraising software is so important and why it’s upsetting when I see other products suggest that their products cost less, but are just as good as DonorPerfect. There is a real difference, and our team of account managers will be delighted to demonstrate the difference to you, and ensure that you get the best return possible on your software investment.


Doug Schoenberg
CEO, SofterWare, Inc.