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DonorPerfect Donor Management & QuickBooks Accounting

Designed for use with QuickBooks® Pro & Premier, this module provides seamless integration between DonorPerfect™ and the latest versions of QuickBooks. The interface offers organizations greater efficiency by eliminating double entry and allowing DonorPerfect users to take full advantage of the many features available in QuickBooks.

Nonprofit Accounting Benefits

  • Gift transactions are summarized by General Ledger Codes and posted automatically to QuickBooks.
  • Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the need to enter data twice.
  • Creates journal entries and transfers transaction detail.
  • Use QuickBooks to manage expenses, financial statements and non-donor revenue while benefiting from DonorPerfect’s specialized features for managing donor information, gifts and pledges.
  • Takes advantage of the many powerful financial reports available in both DonorPerfect and QuickBooks.
QuickBooks for nonprofits - non profit accounting integration with donor database management software

DonorPerfect is the only fundraising software certified by QuickBooks as a Gold Developerthe highest level of certification!

DonorPerfect Product Rating (10.0 is Perfect)*

Overall Score: 8.91 (Excellent)

Ease of Use and Reliability: 8.59 (Excellent)

Technical Support/Overall Quality: 8.8 (Excellent)

Customer Willing to Recommend: 9.33 (Spectacular)

*Results are from survey of DonorPerfect clients, conducted by Decipher, Inc., on behalf of Intuit.

What does that mean?

  • DonorPerfect has been tested to meet Intuit’s standards for quality and integration.
  • Independently surveyed clients gave us an overall ranking of “Excellent,” and client willingness to recommend DonorPerfect is rated “Spectacular!”
  • An independent industry expert reviewed our software features, ease of use, and more and rated us “Spectacular” overall!

Commonly Asked Questions

How does DonorPerfect complement QuickBooks?

QuickBooks provides an easy-to-use and powerful solution for managing expenses and producing financial statements. This functionality is dramatically enhanced by DonorPerfect’s features for the receipt and acknowledgement of donations. The Accounting Interface allows users to report on, and work with, detailed transaction activity in both DonorPerfect and QuickBooks with absolutely no re-entry of data.

Which QuickBooks versions integrate with DonorPerfect?

We recommend using the most current versions of QuickBooks to provide optimal features and efficiency, but DonorPerfect can integrate with most installed versions of Pro and Premier.

How Does it Work?

Gifts entered into DonorPerfect can be transferred on a periodic basis to QuickBooks. We have found that weekly transfers work best, but any transfer period can be any period specified by the user.

QuickBooks Fundraising Software Accounting Integration

After entering all of the donations listed above, these entries can be exported from DonorPerfect automatically using the Accounting Interface so the data is formatted to be easily imported into QuickBooks.