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SmartGive® Online Donations and Registrations

Send “Smart” URLs That Know Who Your Constituents Are!

Using DonorPerfect Online and SmartGive, you can make it much easier for constituents to contribute to your cause and keep your records up-to-date. A SmartGive URL takes donors to a secure online payment page that already knows who they are, and pre-fills their address, phone number, email and other information.

The form can be customized with your logo and offer multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and e-check (ACH) payments, and all payment data is easily downloaded to your database.

Features & Benefits:


Send “smart” URLs via print and email to your donors that auto-fill your donation form!

  • A simple DonorPerfect mail merge generates donor-specific URLs for printed and emailed solicitations.
  • Pre-filled forms reduce typos and encourage information correction by donors and registrants, keeping your records correct and up-to-date.
  • Use any WebLink form in your system, except DonorPages form.
  • Send a printed SmartGive URL to collect missing or up-to-date email addresses. Or email to update postal addresses.
  • When a SmartGive URL is used, the form displays the latest up-to-date
    DonorPerfect data, even if the record was updated after sending the URL.
  • Secure data encryption protects donor data.
  • PCI-certified SafeSave Vault ID’s keep payment account data secure.