DonorPerfect Training Options

SofterWare has a team of professional trainers ready to help you get the most productivity and beneficial use from your investment in DonorPerfect. We offer a variety of training options designed to meet each client’s individual needs and budget.


Webinars offer an exciting new web-based training option that combines the latest Internet technologies with our professional training services. Webinars are virtual classrooms that bring together groups of people online to interact in a very cost-effective learning environment.

  • No travel cost or time
  • Focused topics
  • Convenient 1.5 hr sessions
  • Train additional users inexpensively

Live & Recorded Webinar Subscription
One Year – $495

(Note: If 2 or more people want to attend a Live Webinar on different computers at the same time, each additional connection is $50)

Recorded Webinar Only Subscription-
One Year – $395

For more information on Webinar offerings and times please visit: www.donorperfect.com/webinars

Regional Classes

Regularly scheduled regional classes are offered throughout the country. These are hands-on classes geared toward new as well as experienced users.

  • Convenient locations
  • Valuable handouts
  • Meet other users
  • Comprehensive agenda

$450 per person/class
$100 discount if payment received 30 (+) days before class is held


Clients who prefer one-on-one training or who have specific needs, can arrange for a member of our staff to come to their site for comprehensive training or consultation.

  • Hands on
  • Uses your data
  • Ideal for small group training

$1,095 per day plus travel time and expenses.
(Up to 4 people; $50 each additional person)

Virtual On-site

Using desktop-sharing technology, we can remotely observe your computer’s screen during training. We see what you see and talk you through each step, using your data. Great for assistance with specific projects or helping new users learn general techniques.

  • No travel expenses
  • Uses your screens and data
  • Conveniently scheduled

First hour: $195
Each additional hour: $150 (save 23%)

Training Packages

Start-Up Package – $749 ($91 Savings!)

This combines live & recorded web-based classes with two hours of one-on-one virtual on-site training to provide both general knowledge and to address your unique needs.