Feature Comparison for WebLink-Based Products

WebLink provides powerful and affordable options to meet your online fundraising and data gathering needs. To help you decide which option is best for you, please review the feature highlights of each level. If you don’t see a feature or function you’re looking for, please ask. Many options listed are only available to DonorPerfect Online clients.

WebLink Standard

Includes following features:

  • Create unlimited new forms using the template library or copy existing forms, including customized forms created by our staff. New fields can only be added by SofterWare staff.
  • Update standard fields associated with transaction items. (Screen Name, Amount, General Ledger, Solicitation, Thank You Letter, Sub Solicitation, Campaign)
  • Assign an item quantity available where applicable (e.g., 100 people can register for an event)
  • Compose/edit auto-receipt email content & subject line.
  • Include Item Details in receipt emails (# tickets, shirts, etc)
  • Set “From” email option. Set up to four administrative BCCs
  • Send SmartGive™ links & URLs to donors. When clicked, donor address & email are pre-filled in the form
  • Change the field label (i.e., prompt) for fields & items.
  • Set field default values or modify options that appear within radio button or drop down.
  • Upload images for use on forms & emails
  • Update header & footer content for each form page.
  • Hide fields & transaction items.
  • Make fields required
  • Control field case formatting (e.g., proper, lower, upper)
  • Create friendly links for forms

WebLink Pro

All Standard features plus:

  • Clients can add new fields in an existing or new section. Fields are auto-mapped to their DPO system.
  • Apply additional formatting options for text box fields (e.g. phone, date, email)
  • Add new transaction items to existing or new sections by using an item template (drop-down, radio buttons, quantity selectors, etc)
  • Copy an existing transaction item into an existing or new section
  • Change the order transaction items appear on their form
  • Modify the number of guests assigned to registration options on an Events Management Integrated form
  • Reorder & rename the sections on any page of a form
  • Relocate fields within a section
  • Delete fields from forms
  • Adjust the number of characters a field accepts


All Standard & Pro features plus:

  • Create unlimited peer-to-peer online fundraising sites, including branding & general page content. Supporters can register for online individual & team fundraising pages.
  • Includes one customized registration form & one donation form created by our expert staff. Forms can be used for multiple sites, or duplicated & adapted for different sites.
  • Create five additional general use pages that can be used for any purpose (instructions, sponsor info, photo gallery, etc)
  • Create default text & image for individual and team pages
  • Choose progress thermometers for site from library of 20
  • Manage individual & team page accounts
  • Enter offline donations via DPO that instantly appear on appropriate DPG sites & pages
  • Run various fundraising reports (site fundraising totals, teams memberships, site visits, etc)
  • Add Google Analytics to sites for detailed analysis
  • Easily post site, individual & team page URLs to Facebook & Twitter
  • Embed progress thermometers on external websites
  • Embed registration & general donation buttons on external websites
  WebLink Standard WebLink Pro DonorPages
If client prefers SofterWare to create new form Please contact Account Manager.
Once order is placed, Implementation will work with client.
Changes to an Existing Form (add new fields, style sheet changes, etc)
  • Change Request Form required
  • $150/hr – Minimum $150 charge
  • $75/30 minutes after first hour
Design / Consult Service For clients wanting design or graphics help or guidance beyond simply editing or adding forms. Please contact Account Manager. NTE to be provided by WebLink Product Manager. Minimum $200 charge.