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Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software

Thousands of nonprofits of every type use DonorPerfect to track and manage unlimited fundraising and donor data in one customizable database.

As a nonprofit, nothing is more critical to the success of your mission than managing and growing your relationships with donors, volunteers, foundations, and other constituents. It’s the easiest, most flexible and cost-effective donor management solution available to enable you to raise more money and manage constituent relationships.

Donor Management Software - Main Benefits and Features

Donaor Management Software


  • Can manage unlimited data in one easily customized database.
  • Contains sophisticated reporting & analysis helps identify the source of your next big gift.
  • Allows for easy merges of donor data into customized thank-you letters, e-mails and direct mail.
  • Improves pledge entry and the recognition and manage ment of gifts and pledges.
  • Also quickly generate reports on grants, campaigns and events.

Flexible Donor Management

Donation Management Software

One centralized database so everyone works with the same, up-to-date data!

  • Track and manage unlimited donor and prospect records
  • User-defined fields and screens to match your unique needs
  • Comprehensive membership and volunteer management
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, wealth screening and other third party vendors
  • Powerful linking, cross-references and relational data
  • Secure, controlled access to data

Manage Targeted Fundraising Efforts

Donation Management Soft Ware

Reach the right people with the right message! The DonorPerfect Fundraising Management suite allows you to

  • Communicate, track and manage your campaigns and results
  • Target mailings and email (both personal and mass communications)
  • Track Grants and deadlines
  • Contact or “moves” management
  • Coordinate Major donor “ask” efforts
  • Manage special events like golf outings and banquets

Comprehensive Donation Management Software

Donating Management Software

Fast and accurate process for entering, recognizing, and managing every gift and pledge!

  • Integrated credit card and bank draft processing
  • Recurring or one-time gifts
  • Online donations and data collection
  • Automated acknowledgements and receipts
  • Soft credits and split gifts
  • Memorials and honorariums
  • Track and manage memberships
  • Automated pledge reminders
  • Unlimited payment schedules
  • Integrated matching gifts

Powerful Donor Reporting and Analysis

Donating Management Soft Ware

Track donors, uncover hidden trends, refine solicitation activities and analyze your results!

  • Campaign and solicitation effectiveness
  • Donation summaries & analyses
  • Constituent reporting
  • Custom report writer
  • Complete control of filtering, sorts and queries
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word, and HTML