Announcing The Transition to DonorPerfect Online

– Our mission here at SofterWare is to create and support products and services that reduce work for our clients and are delightfully easy to use, reliable and affordable. We are constantly reaching for new heights through innovative technology to enable your organization’s success for decades to come.

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Many of you have journeyed with us since 1987 as we’ve transitioned through the latest technologies available. We first upgraded from the original DonorPerfect platform in DOS (remember that?), and then from FoxPro for Windows, and then again to Visual FoxPro. Through each of these transitions, our mission never changed. Our focus has always been to equip you with powerful and proven fundraising tools that help you carry out your mission. Now, with DonorPerfect Online and the infinite possibilities offered by the cloud, we are poised to continue doing just this.

Today, we’re announcing the timeline for retiring the DonorPerfect Installed product and the transition to the exciting, continuing future of DonorPerfect Online.

We are extremely proud of your (and our) achievements throughout the many versions of DonorPerfect Installed. However, we are not able to continue with those successes on the current Installed platform. In March 2007, Microsoft announced they were discontinuing FoxPro, the underlying programming and development language of DonorPerfect Installed, and their support ended January 13, 2015. This lack of support severely limits our ability to enhance and develop new features. Since 90% of DonorPerfect clients are successfully using the Online version, it’s time to invest all of our energy and resources into a single DonorPerfect platform.

The Online version will continue to deliver you easy-to-use, affordable fundraising solutions that you deserve and expect from us. Only now, you’ll be armed with an extensive set of tools and improvements that are not available in the Installed Version.

So, what are the specific advantages of the Online version and why should you transition? Glad you asked!

Why DonorPerfect Online?

Thousands of nonprofits have already made the switch to DonorPerfect Online and benefited happily as a result. We’re excited to offer this new, but familiar, place for all of your donor information to call home. DonorPerfect Online offers you extensive, new fundraising opportunities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Virtually eliminate the IT burden with automatic updates – no more downloading, installing, and dealing with network headaches.
  • Enjoy an easier-to-use, more-intuitive interface.
  • Take advantage of the latest in fundraising technology and best practices.
  • Stay informed with charts and analytics and other robust dashboard, reporting, and filtering features.
  • Continue to use the advanced functionality of DonorPerfect Installed, such as export and mail merge formulas, calculated fields, and more!
  • Leverage a growing number of integrated products that offer new and exciting opportunities for growth.
  • Use the integrated DPMobile App with credit card swipe technology to fundraise from anywhere.
  • Easily manage email lists and campaign results with the Constant Contact integration for more effective email marketing.
  • Automatically download donations from DonorPerfect Online Forms directly into DonorPerfect.
  • Explore additional resources through the DPConnect integration.
  • Work smarter, not harder, with automated SmartActions, which tell DonorPerfect how to do the fundraising work for you.
  • Upload critical documentation within the donor’s record with Hosted File Storage.
  • And much, much more!
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Online Fundraising Software Credit Card Processing

DonorPerfect Transition Timeline

We want to give you as much time as possible to plan your transition to DonorPerfect Online. This timeline allows your organization nearly two years to complete your transition.

DonorPerfect Online Transition Timeline

We recognize the investment your organization has already made with DonorPerfect and want to acknowledge your loyalty. When you upgrade, you will receive a significant discount up to 65% off of DonorPerfect Online for life!

We’re Here for You!

We realize this announcement may cause some degree of fear or uncertainty for you. We understand. To assist you with this transition, we have a team of specialists to make your conversion from Installed to Online seamless and easy. Your Account Manager will guide you through every step of the process.When your transition is complete, our expert trainers will help your staff learn the new features. Prefer to learn at your own pace? Our Knowledgebase tutorials and videos are always expanding and our Support team is ready to answer your questions.

We’re confident you’ll be happy with your transition. Your account manager will contact you soon to let you know how you can join the over 7,000 happy nonprofit organizations successfully raising billions of dollars through DonorPerfect Online. They can help you plan your transition, answer your questions, and guide you along the way. They’ve helped thousands of other Installed clients enjoy the benefits of DonorPerfect Online, and they will help you too!

You’ll immediately gain additional functionality while still maintaining familiarity with the Installed version you’ve come to know and love. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy new features in DonorPerfect Online that will make your job easier, make you and your staff more productive, and make your nonprofit more successful.

Should you have any questions now, please contact your account manager or visit our upgrade to DonorPerfect Online webpage. You can also reach me at


DonorPerfect VP
Jon Biedermann

Vice President – Fundraising Solutions

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