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Consultative Services

These consultative services are designed to help out current DonorPerfect users that may be feeling lost in their database or are suffering from an obvious lack of data entry protocols that end up costing the organization significantly in terms of time. Depending on your needs, we have two offers:

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are built for users who truly want to optimize their use of the DonorPerfect system. Great for new hires or for any organization with a lack of proper database practices, this analysis includes:

  • a preliminary phone call to assess your situation
  • a review of your processes
  • a detailed, 7 page report that assesses the state of your database in its entirety and provides an action plan for the future.
  • a personalized 2 hour training session with an expert to work on the weaknesses found within the report.

The cost for the whole package is $1,095 CAD.

Considering the price of a stand alone training session ($395), this offer provides fantastic value if your looking to really tighten up the way you run your DonorPerfect database.

Health Check

Health Check is similar to our advisory services but is a little more straight to the point. There is no preliminary review or written report. Essentially, you will spend 4 hours (two sessions) with one of our experts who will work through your database from A-Z with you in real time. This is a great service for those who may want:

  • review current practices
  • review of your current features and an introduction to new ones
  • screen/field review
  • on the spot professional services
  • organization specific reports
  • on the spot live support for any
  • payment service review

Cost for Health Check is $790 CAD.