Even though we just released our latest upgrade, plans are in the works for a MAJOR addition to DonorPerfect Online.

We’re striving to make things easier to use, especially reporting. From our repeated customer surveys, you’ve let us know that reporting is your number one concern. In the works (for a release in a few months), is a complete redesign of the Financial Reports section of DPO to make finding and using our existing reports easier than ever.

Also, a brand new batch entry module is currently in Beta-test for a number of clients. This all new module will replace our existing batch entry module and be completely customizable by each user, including templates, default values, required fields, split gifts, soft credits, etc.- and will be able to capture any kind of fundraising transaction quickly and efficiently.

Finally, a new help system will be implemented that can guide anyone through simple to complex tasks in the program. Similar to the ‘Paper Clip’ Icon you see in some Microsoft programs, these helpful pop-up windows will explain how certain DPO functions work, including what we consider to be best practices with using that particular function. (And don’t worry. Each user can control the help windows- even eliminate them entirely- so they don’t get in the way!)

Look for more information about these updates in the next few months!
by mstone@softerware.com

Apr 24 06
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