It’s only been a few days, and the feedback is pouring in- clients love the new features!

We’ve had many people call in about accepting credit cards through our new Insta-Charge feature.

Some have said that the pricing is higher than what they could get from other sites, and one that came up was PayPal.

On the surface, it may appear PayPal (or other credit card processors like it) may be cheaper. However, once you scratch the surface they still charge a monthly fee (in this case, $20), and the discount rates are nearly the same as ours.

Of course, none of them have direct interaction to your DPO database. Our service not only makes it easy to process a credit card, but also ensures the transactions will be properly recorded- automatically- making it easy to reconcile your credit card payments with DPO. None of the other providers can offer this integration.

Lower rates are possible if you process a high number of transactions. Please contact Julie Blum ( for more information.

Also a big hit this week was the FREE instant address verification service on the Main Donor screen. Simply type in as much (or as little) as you know about the address, and click on Verify Address. DPO will attempt to match the address and standardize it. It’s pretty amazing how good it is- I tried to fool it with misspelled street names, wrong cities, etc., and it corrected it every time. This feature will really save clients as new addresses will always be correct and the mail will get through!

Finally, the Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis Report is making waves. This all new report, covering over 26 separate statistics, provides a great overview of your fundraising efforts. Soon, we’ll be releasing aggregate results of this report, so that you can compare your performance to other non-profits. To run the report, click on Reports, Financial Reports, and select Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis.

Apr 13 06
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