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DonorPerfect is Rated # 1

In a recent survey by Idealware, DonorPerfect had the most “Best Bets” and the most “Excellent” ratings- far more than any other fundraising software solution.

Now, for years, it’s been difficult to objectively rate the different fundraising software solutions that are available on the marketplace. In the past, surveys have been attempted, but most of them were not independent at all (You had to pay to be included and/or the results were biased in many different ways (For example, a company having a response rate that is completely disproportionate to their actual market share typically means that the results were unduly influenced by that company- and surprise! it’s always in their favor.)

Now, for the first time in my memory, an independent organization finally succeeded in the herculean task for evaluating the myriad choices that non profit organizations have when choosing fundraising software. The independent non-profit group Idealware evaluated 33 separate fundraising software solutions, and in the end DonorPerfect came out on top (by a landslide) for the most recommendations and the most ‘Excellent’ ratings in the survey.

Here’s the news from Yahoo Finance:

Here’s our internal press release:

Finally, here’s the links to the actual survey (Free Registration required): or >

We’re proud of our showing and we believe these results reinforce our commitment to the non profit community to provide the best fundraising software that money can buy.

I’m also grateful for our dedicated team of developers, account managers, support personnel, trainers, and marketing pros- we have a great winning team and if you are a non profit organization looking for great software, please consider DonorPerfect.

Written by Amanda Foran
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