One of the best ideas about improving your relationship with your donors is to experience first hand what it’s like to donate to your own organization. It doesn’t require too much effort, and can really open your eyes to improve the way you communicate and interact with the lifeblood of your organization.So, try these steps (it will help to submit a different name than your own so that the results aren’t influenced!):
  1. Send an email to the contact email on your web-site and see if you get a timely, professional response. Better yet, make a phone call during a random time of day and ask for information. Measure how long it takes the information to arrive in the mail.
  2. See how long it takes to find your “Donate Now” button on your web-site. (Don’t have one? Click here for WebLink)
  3. How long does it take to find out if there are volunteering opportunities at your organization?
  4. Make a donation through the mail and see how long it takes to receive a “Thank You” acknowledgment.
  5. Try and search for your website using keywords related to your organization on any of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
  6. Attend a fundraising event to a different organization- not as a volunteer, but as a donor.
By trying these different steps you’ll be able to see through the eyes of the donor and make sure the message you are trying to convey is actually happening. Then take this insight and improve your communications and procedures- it will be well worth the effort!

Dec 12 06
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