Why is it so hard to get a group of people- be it your staff, your board of directors, or even your own family- to make a decision?We asked that same question here at SofterWare, and this last Tuesday, we met and brought in an outside facilitator to help us understand this perplexing problem.Though we spent half the day, it boiled down to following these steps in order to arrive at a decision:
  1. Get the Facts
  2. Discuss the Facts
  3. Give Opinions
  4. Make a Decision
While it sounds pretty simple, how many times were decisions at your organization made, and then discussed later? Have you been at meetings with lots of discussion (or most likely best guesses) without the facts?We’re going to be using this model for now on- so far it really cuts down on the decision making process so that we actually make a decision!
by mstone@softerware.com

May 26 06
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