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We Turn Your Suggest and Vote Ideas into Features – 271 and Counting

What were you doing 56 months ago in 2011? We were launching Suggest and Vote, a brand new feedback website for all of your great ideas to help us shape the future of DonorPerfect. Every day since, we’ve been reviewing and implementing one great idea after another. So far, we’ve turned 271 of your ideas into features! But, we still feel like we’re just getting started. We love your feedback and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Why? Because we care about your success. Every day you face new challenges while trying to fulfill your mission. For the 29 years of DonorPerfect, we’ve been Idea_Iconovercoming these challenges together; but, to continue doing this, we need your feedback. Your participation in Suggest and Vote is one way we can continue to succeed together.

What Is Suggest and Vote?

It’s the one location for the entire DonorPerfect community to share ideas to make DonorPerfect, DonorPerfect Mobile, or WebLink easier to use. Whether it’s an idea to adjust a screen’s layout or a request to add a new feature, we want to hear it–no idea is too big or too small! Plus, it’s really simple to submit a new idea and vote for other ideas that are important to you. Once the status of an idea you’re supporting changes to planned or completed etc., you’ll be notified right away.

How Your 271 Ideas Became Features

Is My Suggestion Really Being Reviewed?

Yes! Real live humans review each idea you submit. Not every idea becomes a feature immediately, but many ideas do. On average, we’ve turned more than one idea into a feature every single week for nearly five years. We’ve already started working on 61 ideas and have plans for another 40. Your ideas in Suggest and Vote matter. Really. Remember, we’re picking the next idea to complete and there’s no idea too big or too small for us to consider. So, visit Suggest and Vote and tell us what we should start working on next.
Written by Emily Patz
  1. Question and / or suggestion: on the Organization Dashboard, how do I switch the "Giving by State" box to view "Giving by Province" (given that we are a Canadian entity, and most of our giving is from people in provinces in Canada). If that feature is not available in for those of us in Canada, can it be added? Thank you. Eugene
    • @Eugene - You can certainly add the Canadian Province map to your dashboard. Simply follow ourcustomizing your dashboard knowledgebase article for complete instructions on how to edit your dashboard. Then, choose the Giving by Geography - Last 12 Months - CAN Heatmap dashboard widget. In case your donors expand internationally, you can easily add one for the United Kingdom or even the world. Still looking for more? You can always let us know by adding your suggestion to Suggest and Vote. Thanks!
  2. Would love if the my dashboard would show my personal numbers vs organization numbers.
  3. Please would you consider adding UK post codes and not Zip codes and UK mapping? Thank you Allen

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