Cultivate Your Most Valuable Relationships

Major Gift fundraising is a year-round process that focuses on identifying, engaging, nurturing, and developing your key donors and prospects.

DonorPerfect can help you cultivate major donors and a pipeline of major gifts, providing financial stability and a platform for growth for your organization.

A Complete Solution

DonorPerfect Consulting Services provides a complete solution for Major Giving: services and technology designed to help you target, communicate, and develop major donors.

Provided by DonorPerfect in collaboration with Major Giving Consultant Jeffrey Byrne + Associates, this valuable service utilizes DonorSearch’s Wealth Screening and Prospect Research engine.

A Proven Methodology With Outstanding Results

The average major giving program returns 10 times the investment or more. This proven approach is led by Major Giving Consultant and former Chair of the Giving Institute, Jeffrey Byrne from Jeffrey Byrne + Associates.

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Let Our Experts Help You Gain and Retain

DonorPerfect Consulting Services can help you identify, engage, and convert major donors to support your organization.

Our step-by-step process is proven to generate major gifts.


Identify prospects for major giving.

Soliciting major donors starts with identifying and qualifying your target audience, so we’ll analyze:

  • Giving history and segmentation of individuals, corporations, and foundations in DonorPerfect
  • Comprehensive wealth screening and prospect research data from DonorSearch
  • Your organization’s appropriate major gift threshold


Create a major gift portfolio.

We will help you create a systematic process to engage your prospective major donors including:

  • Defined structured visits for Executive Director, Board, and other staff
  • Scheduled appointments and action lists in DonorPerfect for tiers of donors within your top targets


Measure, optimize, and expand your program.

Monitoring your program’s performance is an ongoing effort to maximize results year after year. We will provide:

  • Benchmark reporting
  • Campaign analysis and refinement strategies
  • Program expansion and new prospect engagement
Two Women Excited about Donorperfect
Two Women Excited about Donorperfect



Special introductory offer:
For the first 10 organizations that sign up, DonorPerfect will guarantee a minimum of $50,000 in major gifts in the first 12 months or your money back!


With expertise, coaching, and hands-on development work provided by DonorPerfect Consulting Services, clients can expect to see a 10X Return on Investment with this program.

$475/month includes:
  • Campaign planning and program launch
  • Data segmentation and prospect targeting
  • Messaging and creative development
  • Solicitation analysis
  • Reporting and insight

A subscription to DonorSearch wealth screening is required for this service.

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