Your DonorPerfect Payment Services account is designed to process gifts using our innovative suite of tools

DonorPerfect Payment Services

A single payment account that’s built for all the ways you fundraise!

  • You’re already approved! Activate your account in less than 10 minutes.
  • Save money. Enjoy the ease of integrated payment processing at a low rate.
  • Save time. Every transaction processed is automatically receipted and reflected in the appropriate donor record in DonorPerfect.
  • Accept all major forms of payment. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and direct bank account debit.

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Online Donation & Event Registration Forms

Create beautiful, customized online donation forms to collect donations, registrations, memberships, and more! Because DonorPerfect Online Forms integrate with with DonorPerfect, donor records instantly update to reflect each transaction. Donation forms also include Donor Covers Cost, a feature that allows donors to elect to pay your processing fees!

Phone, Mail, and In-Person Payments

Process credit card donations and bank account withdrawals in real time, via phone, mail, or in-person. Perfect for one-time transactions, this integrated tool minimizes data entry and instantly confirms the transaction in the donor’s record.

Recurring Gift Processing

Take the hassle out of processing monthly gifts and membership renewals with pre-authorized payment processing that’s PCI-compliant and integrates with DonorPerfect.

Mobile Payments

Collect donations anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or iPad with DPMobile using your keypad or our mobile swipe device. DPMobile Swipe is great for one-time donations at fundraising events and updates all transactions into DonorPerfect instantly.

DonorPerfect Payment Services connects with even more integrations

Like auctions, ticket sales, peer-to-peer fundraising, shopping carts, and more!

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