DonorPerfect Fundraising Growth Platform

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Uncover the secret of your donor’s wealth!

DonorSearch’s prospect research tools provide invaluable data on donor giving capacity from more than 25 top databases, including:

  • Philanthropic & biographical data
  • Real estate holdings
  • Pension & income data
  • Stock ownership
  • Political donations

New! Target prospective donors with highly customizable marketing lists of proven charitable givers.

Through comprehensive prospect screenings that reveal both giving capacity and history, DonorSearch helps nonprofits discover major donors in their network with wealth data displayed directly on the DonorPerfect screens and reports.

  • Identify major donors in your network
  • Target tailored major gift solicitations to the right constituents
  • Gauge the appropriate ask amount
  • Save time and fundraising campaign costs
  • Run DonorPerfect reports to segment based on giving capacity
  • Use Marketing Lists to identify new prospects