Robert Weiner, a strategic technology adviser to nonprofits, noted in a February blog article that  “A representative from FrontStream confirmed that all clients, whether their database is on-premise (local) or hosted by FrontStream, will no longer be able to access their data if they do not upgrade by midnight on July 31st, 2015.”  Then, on June 12, he noted he had received an update from Frontstream Systems, the company that purchased Giftworks, that “The original shutoff date was July 31st. A few months ago our management team made the call to push it forward a month to June 30th. June 30th is the new date for shut off.”

As our CEO Doug Schoenberg wrote in October 2013, when they first announced they were shutting off earlier versions of Giftworks, “This is clearly an attempt to force clients to migrate …, which requires the payment of monthly fees, even for the installed version of the product. Regardless of the legality of this strategy, we don’t think this is fair or right, and SofterWare is committed to giving GiftWorks customers a real choice and a real opportunity to upgrade their fundraising software.   We’ve created a GiftWorks client Switch & Save special offer.”

If you or someone you know uses Giftworks 2013, please let them know that unless they pay Frontstream what they’re asking, their system will be shut-off on June 30, 2015, and they should immediately make a back-up of their data and store it outside of their Giftworks system.  With that, the new donor management system they choose will be able to migrate that data into their new system.  We have converted hundreds of Giftworks clients since this was first announced, and our team have become experts in migrating data from their software. If you would like to speak to a DonorPerfect account representative, please call 800-220-8111, or request information on our Switch & Save Giftworks special offer page.


Jun 26 15
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