The Association of Fundraising Professionals has launched the Women’s Impact Initiative to address the challenges women in nonprofits face due to lack of equity and access at their organizations and in the sector as a whole.


Through awareness, education, safe spaces, and conversation, the Women’s Impact Initiative aims to create positive change that allows all nonprofit professionals the equal opportunity to grow and thrive as they dedicate their talents, experience, and careers to furthering incredible causes.

The Women’s Impact Initiative provides members of the nonprofit community with:

Studies and Statistics

WII spearheaded the creation and sharing of thought leadership around women in the nonprofit community with in-depth research that produced the 2017 AFP Compensation and Benefits Report, Lean In’s Women in the Workplace 2017 Study, and most recently, AFP’s sexual harassment survey in fundraising conducted in partnership with Chronicle of Philanthropy. Check out the reports.

Content and Resources

From webinars to conference sessions to digital content, education is a key component of WII. Their website offers an abundance of free and affordable resources to help nonprofit professionals learn about current challenges and proactively address them.

Safe Spaces and Support

In addition to their website, WII offers an online discussion forum where anyone – not just women –  can discuss their experiences with gender equity. Come Summer 2018, WII will launch a mentor program tailored to women who want to become leaders in their organizations. At the conclusion of the program WII will host a summit for anyone who wishes to learn, share, and help plan for the future.

A Community that Champions Change

WII consistently encourages nonprofit professionals to share their stories, knowledge, and recommendations. If you’re making a difference at your organization, they want to hear from you and leverage your experiences to help inspire other members of the nonprofit community.

Learn More About the Women’s Impact Initiative

Get the full scoop on all of the resources, collaborative forums, and ongoing projects WII is spearheading on their website. Explore all that AFP’s Women’s Impact Initiative has to offer.

by Emily Patz

Jun 7 18
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