how to buy fundraising software With so many options that vary in feature combinations, pricing, and commitment levels, evaluating fundraising software isn’t just challenging. It can be downright confusing. Sure, there are guides to help you navigate your search, but more often than not these “feature manuals” are missing the mark. Your evaluation isn’t about features. It’s about you. If you’re not looking at software through the lens of your goals, you’re bound to be disappointed with your purchasing decision. That’s why How to Buy Fundraising Software is just as much of a self-assessment as it is a system review. This comprehensive guide takes you through the steps of evaluating software, including:
  • Determining your goals
  • Pinpointing the problems you’d like to solve
  • Charting a path to success
  • Considering commitment level
  • Matching your needs to a system
  • Choosing your best investment
When your fundraising software choice is based upon your goals and how to achieve them, your investment will be the right one.

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by Emily Patz

May 15 17
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