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Monthly Giving Has Never Been Easier!

Donor Just a few years ago, setting up a monthly donor program was difficult. You had to do lots of workarounds, hire professionals to set it up.  or outsource the process and then spend money on direct mail or telemarketing to start asking donors to join your monthly donor program. It was expensive and labor intensive. Email campaigns were for the ‘big few’. Everything took a lot of time.

That was then. This is now.

Today, with WebLink, you can literally set up a recurring giving page in 5 minutes. And with the Monthly Giving Starter and Marketing Kits, you can think through the whole process and create everything you need in a week or less. If you’re really motivated, you can do it in an afternoon.

Seriously! Even if you have very limited resources; even if you’re a small shop, all you need to do now is organize your monthly giving page and get your donor email list ready.  Then, you have to make your program easy for the donor to discover and you have to start asking.

Getting started with monthly giving is as easy as following these 10 steps:

  1. Create a special recurring only page in WebLink . Keep the donation choices to 4 or 5 amounts max., so you can keep them on one line. Start with the minimum: $10.
  2. Link to it from your website’s homepage.
  3. Link directly to it from your emails and start sharing on social media.
  4. Test everything so you know it all works, including your donation page, auto-responder, and confirmation email.
  5. Join your own program.
  6. Ask your board, staff, volunteers to join.
  7. Ask your donors.
  8. Ask your donors again and again, as many times as you can fit into your communication schedule.
  9. Think long-term.
  10. Present annualized results.
The more you ask, the more monthly donors you’ll bring in. The more committed you are to your program, the more committed your monthly donors will be to you. So let’s get asking! Erica WaasdorpThis blog post was written by Erica Waasdorp, DonorPerfect Expert and President of A Direct Solution.
Written by Amanda Foran
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