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Update: After being purchased by Blackbaud and renamed “Blackbaud Sphere”, Kintera is finally being put to pasture. Blackbaud announced that they will no longer support Blackbaud Sphere / Kintera after March 31st, 2019. Blackbaud attempted to retain as many of the prized clients that Kintera brought with them, but there is no public information available about which switched to other Blackbaud products and which have since departed Blackbaud and are now using another nonprofit CRM. We have successfully converted many former Blackbaud users into happy DonorPerfect Users

Original Post: Last night I received an email announcing Blackbaud’s (BLKB) purchase of Kintera (KNTA), and you can read the rest of the details here:

Kintera, as you may know, started at the tale end of the dot-com boom, went public, bought several companies, blew through $148 million and imploded.

Yes, my friends, $148 million spent. That’s an awe-inspiring sum. I think it’s pretty hard to do- I don’t think I could have done it as well.

As the San Diego Union-Tribune pointed out, the deal may be good for Blackbaud:
“Blackbaud no doubt views Kintera’s 3,900 customers, which include the American Lung Association, Lance Armstrong Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, among its prized assets.”

It does bother me that the organizations that we are trying to serve are treated as prizes to be won at any cost.

Like Blackbaud’s other acquisitions in the past, it’s inevitable that most if not all of Kintera will be assimilated within Blackbaud. For example, Kintera offers both Fundware, (Fund Accounting), and Pin! (Prospect Research), which are direct competitors to Blackbaud’s Financial Edge and WealthPoint respectively. Kintera’s Sphere is a bit different, and could hang on longer. Friends asking Friends will probably remain untouched.

So, where does that leave DonorPerfect?

Again, as I have mentioned numerous times in the past, we are very confident about our position in the marketplace, our robust fundraising solutions, and price-point. We continue to grow at a double digit pace, gaining clients the old fashioned way- we would rather earn a client’s respect than buy it.

Competition is good for the non profit market- it reduces prices and increases innovation. We look forward to continue competing with Blackbaud, and expect to further increase our market share as they sort out their most recent acquisition.

If you’re an existing Kintera client or prospect, or simply a non-profit looking for a great web-based (or installed) fundraising system at a great price, give us a try. A very friendly and experienced account manager (with an average experience over 8 years!) can walk you through our products, and I think you’ll be impressed- I know our clients are!

by Amanda Foran

May 30 08
  1. Dear Jon,

    When Bridge Ministries looked at acquiring its first Donor Management software (to replace our Volunteer developed Access Database) we looked at Kintera, and e-Tapistry, and a few others. Now I see these two have been acquired by Blackdaud and are no longer independent. Just one more reason why we are Happy DPO customers. DPO works well for us, we continually learn new aspects of the software's many features each week. Our staff is happy with the support response and training. We are growing into the features and beginning our second year as satisfied customers of an independent vendor that fits us just right.

    As a Christian Ministry we are proud to say we recently where awarded a Match Grant from the Mission Increase Foundation. ( This grant when complete will fund the hiring of our first full time Development Director. Some aspects of our application for the grant where aided by the use of our DPO database. I would like to recommend you contact them and if you have not already done so share DPO with them. We believe it would benefit the hundreds of Christian Ministries they support in their growing Training and Grant programs. I am pleased to be able to recommend DPO to others.

    Regards, Jack Staudt - Executive Director - Bridge Disability Ministries
  2. Jack,

    Thank you for the kind words- I'll make sure to pass them onto all of our staff.

    We'll also contact the Mission Increase Foundation as well.

    Thanks again,


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