Easy Report Builder

Today's Agenda

  1. Reasons for Using Easy Report Builder
  2. Tips for Successful Report Creation
  3. Filtering and Output Options
  4. Demonstrations


  • Easy Report Builder uses Drag and Drop functionality for field placement
  • Select the screen where fields for the report are located
  • Can choose to display the code or description on Coded Fields
  • New tribute fields are available for Easy Reports
  • Grouping functionality allows for ability to return sub-totals
What Information do you need?

Why Use the Easy Report Builder? (Check off the reasons you may have for using this feature)

  1. Ability to include User-Defined Fields
  2. Create reports with Grouping, Sub-Totals, and Grand Totals on fields of your choice
  3. Include Soft Credits, Notifications, or Pledge Details
  4. Feature Summary Data that excludes individual Gift Details
  5. Add your report to the Dashboard with an associated filter or SideBar selections
  6. Can Export data in a variety of different formats
  7. Send a report to a recipient
  8. Schedule an email delivery of your report