Building a Board of Ambassadors: A 6-Step Guide

Building a board of ambassadors mockup

Discover the essential steps to build a vibrant board of ambassadors with “Building a Board of Ambassadors: A 6-Step Guide” by Joan Garry and DonorPerfect. In this concise and actionable guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define clear expectations for the board’s role
  • Recruit diverse and passionate board members
  • Forge strong connections between the board and your organization’s mission
  • Facilitate meaningful engagement between the board and staff
  • Provide ongoing support and training for board members
  • Evaluate and continually enhance board performance

Empower your nonprofit to thrive by implementing these proven strategies for cultivating a dedicated and effective board. Get started today and unleash the full potential of your organization’s mission.

About Joan Garry

In her work with thousands of nonprofits all across America, and through her own experience as the Executive Director of GLAAD and board experience as a committee chair, Joan Garry has seen firsthand the challenges that nonprofit leaders like you face every day. She created the Nonprofit Leadership Lab because she wanted to fill a gap – especially for board and staff leaders at smaller nonprofits that need advice, suggestions, and a shot in the arm.