Year-end fundraising cheat sheet

mockup of someone holding up DonorPerfect's Year-end Fundraising Cheat Sheet

Among DonorPerfect users, 37% of all giving happens in the last three months of the year, and 5% of the entire year’s philanthropy occurs between December 29 and 31. Year-end fundraising offers nonprofits an annual opportunity to take part in a season of joyful giving, and DonorPerfect is here to help make this year your best yet.

The Year-End Fundraising Cheat Sheet invites you to plan your year-end strategy around the donor engagement cycle. By thoughtfully planning and engaging with your donors in the months leading up to December, your ask won’t come as a surprise, and your supporters will be primed and ready to give generously before they even see your solicitations.

We’ve broken planning and executing year-end fundraising into four digestible phases:

  • Phase 1: Planning, identification, and acquisition
  • Phase 2: Qualification and cultivation
  • Phase 3: Solicitation
  • Phase 4: Stewardship and review
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