DonorPerfect Integrations Make Our Software Even More Perfect!

DonorPerfect Integrations

SofterWare is continually investing to improve DonorPerfect by enhancing existing features and adding new capabilities. In fact, we’ve more than doubled the size of our development team over the last couple of years! Even with all of that investment, we recognize that we can’t create solutions that solve every need of every client.

The good news is that there are lots of talented software developers creating great solutions for a wide variety of needs, even beyond the nonprofit community. The bad news is that often, these solutions are created as stand-alone products that don’t integrate with products like DonorPerfect, which serve as a nonprofit’s primary constituent database.

The Benefits of DonorPerfect Integrations

We offer many DonorPerfect integrations so you can manage all of your fundraising efforts in a single, unified database.

Examples include our integration with Constant Contact for email marketing and DonorSearch for prospect research. DonorShops, DonorPages, and WebLink integrate with DonorPerfect for online giving and e-commerce.  DonorPerfect integrations also include many popular general-purpose software products like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Intuit QuickBooks.

Options Are Endless Thanks to Our Flexible APIs

To make integration easier, we developed Application Programming Interfaces, commonly referred to as APIs, which provide structured access to the data in DonorPerfect, making it possible for any programmer to access, update, or add data in DonorPerfect. These APIs to expand the assortment of add-on products available to DonorPerfect clients. DonorPerfect Mobile, DonorShops, Agile Ticketing, as well as custom integrations created by individual customers use our APIs.

Finding Integrations for Your Organization is Easy

Acting as a central hub where clients can find DonorPerfect’s integrations, the DPConnect Marketplace offers summaries, reviews and ratings, and the option for you to request more information to learn what’s best for your organization. You’ll find tools for Theatre and Venue Ticketing(Agile Ticketing), Peer-to-peer Fundraising (Raisin), Fundraising Auctions (Ready Set Auction), and Volunteer Management (Volunteer Spot). Other solutions include advocacy, alumni engagement, data enhancement, matching gift management, special events, website content management, and more.

DonorPerfect clients will have 24/7 access to the DPConnect Marketplace, which will continuously evolve and expand to include the best new companies and emerging innovations in the market today.

3 Ways You Can Contribute to the Expansion of DonorPerfect Integrations

Use the DPConnect Marketplace to look for solutions.

Using the “Request More Information” form for our integrated partners also allows us to track which products are the most sought-after by the DonorPerfect Community. This data greatly influences the partners we’ll pursue in the future.

If  your organization uses any software product that integrates with DonorPerfect, let us and other clients know about your experiences.

Visit DPConnect.  Each listing provides the ability to rate the product and post a short review.

Does your organization use a product that would be better if it integrated with DonorPerfect?

Contact the vendor and suggest they consider integrating their product with DonorPerfect. Make sure they know how the integration would benefit your organization as well as other organizations like yours. Tell them that that DonorPerfect APIs are available free for any third-party software developers that have or want to create DonorPerfect integrated software solutions. Then send them the link to learn more about becoming a DPConnect partner.

You can also send an email to Darryl Moser, our partnership manager, to let him know about the potential partner.

The Future of DonorPerfect Integrations

We’re very excited to extend the functionality of DonorPerfect through these partner solutions, but we also recognize how important it is to have partners that have the same commitment to support and product improvement that we have.

We’re committed to working with our partners to continuously improve the quality of integration and the effectiveness of our solutions.

Additionally, our team at DonorPerfect will continue to invest in building our own products to meet the vast majority of our clients’ fundraising needs.

by Doug Schoenberg

May 20 16

Event Preparation – Not Just for Boy Scouts

Last week, thousands of non-profits participated in the Give Local America campaign –a national day of local giving organized by Kimbia software. While the campaign raised an impressive $68 million, the event was overshadowed by significant technical and performance issues with their platform. We know it was hugely disappointing – not only to the organizations who worked so hard to prepare and promote the event, but to the folks at Kimbia who undoubtedly tried their best and, I’m sure, felt terrible. Many organizations took to social media and other locations to express their frustration publicly. Having worked for months to make this a big day, that’s understandable. It was a bad day for everyone involved.

But the lesson here is an old one. Be prepared. Like a flat tire on the way to the airport, or rain at a huge outdoor event, we all know “stuff happens”. Fundraising events are no different. Technology providers really do try their best to prepare for these events, but no system can ever be made completely indestructible. Prepare and exercise a plan in case something goes wrong. And be ready to switch to it. We all know that “failing to plan can be tantamount to planning to fail.”

Kivi Leroux Miller posted a great blog post here with some ideas. I love her suggestion of being in charge of your own links. Using a site like, for instance, you can share a link with your donors and change where it goes, even after you send it. This way, if the site you emailed your donor a week ago has trouble, you can switch them to another location in minutes. At the very least, you can explain the current problem, what’s being done to correct it, and what donors can do to circumvent the problem.

  • If you are directing donors to your own site first, be sure it can handle the load too. Have at least a shell of your site on another location such as Weebly, Wix, or GoDaddy that you can redirect to in a pinch. We’ve seen clients struggle when their own site was overwhelmed with traffic and became unable to direct clients to a WebLink donation form, even though their form was just fine.
  • Have drafts of your communications already written out, and know where and how you’ll post them. You’ll want to communicate any change in plans quickly and easily. It may be human nature to take to the web to vent your frustration, but your first priority should be to your donors. There will be time for griping later.
  • Stay in touch with your constituents regularly. Keep updates going on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you post your event info.
  • For in-house events where you plan to use technology (such as live auctions, or DPMobile with Credit Card Swipe processing capability), don’t depend entirely on the event location WIFI. Hotel and event WIFI are often purposely “throttled back” by hotels, overwhelmed with traffic, and heavily fire-walled. Having access to a portable 4G hotspot can be a lifesaver and keep your event going.
  • Finally, if you have troubles, try to remember the big picture, take a deep breath, and keep focusing on the problem at hand. Keep the tone positive and stay in touch. Issues at a single event are frustrating, but are rarely life-altering. Donors can be incredibly understanding – and can always write a check or follow-up later.

In the end, your donors give because they believe in you and your mission, not because of the technology. Stay positive. They’ll remember how you reacted long after they’ve forgotten the technological glitches.

Tom Gimpel
by Tom Gimpel

May 12 16

Release Announcement: 7 Tributes Changes You Need to Know

DonorPerfect's new Tributes feature makes it easier to manage tributes, track donations, sending timely notifications, add recipients and more!

As a nonprofit, you know how important it is to track all types of donations accurately and efficiently. This is especially true with tribute gifts. It requires an extra level of sensitivity and attention to manage tributes. Our new Tributes feature, being released on Thursday, May 12th, makes it easier to track tribute donations and send timely, personalized notifications acknowledging them. Here’s what you need to know about managing tributes:

7 Tributes Changes You Need to Know

1. One Central Place to Manage Tributes

There’s no more Tributes tab in each donor’s record. To manage tributes, click the Settings/Gear icon and select Tributes.

2. Tribute Gifts are Integrated Into Daily Tasks

Easily create a tribute, apply a gift to a tribute or add recipients right on the Gift Entry or Batch 2.0 screens. Manage tributes right where you are!

Take a tour of the new Tributes in this short video!

3. Previous Tribute Gifts Will Be Migrated

Previous tribute gifts entered using the Tributes tab will automatically move over to a tribute listed in the main Tributes screen. (For best results, process all pending notifications before the release on Thursday 5/12.) Legacy tribute gifts entered by filling out the GFNAME and GLNAME fields will still appear as read-only on the Gift screen. Clicking the Apply to a Tribute button will apply these legacy gifts to an existing tribute or create a tribute if it doesn’t exist.

4. WebLink Automatically Creates the Tribute and Notification Records

We’ve provided a true end-to-end solution to manage tributes. Data your donors enter into any WebLink Online Forms maps directly to DonorPerfect fields when downloaded. It automatically creates the Tribute (if needed), applies the donor’s gift to the tribute and creates the notification record.

5. Expanded Notification Options

In addition to adding a single recipient for all gifts applied to a tribute, you can add recipients who are only notified for one specific gift or add multiple recipients to a single tribute. You can also apply one gift to multiple tributes.
Learn how to manage tributes in our free webinar. Register today!

6. Receipting is (a Little) Easier

Once you’ve applied a gift to a tribute, DonorPerfect assigns the value of Notification Letter to the Thank-You letter field for the notification record. This makes it easier when performing the receipting process since Notification Letters will be designated from other types of Thank-You Letters. Look for more improvements to the entire Notification process later this year.

7. Export Tributes Information with Ease

Exporting tribute information to publicize in your newsletters and website is easy! Simply click the Gift/Tribute Export link from the main Tributes screen, then click the Export to CSV button to export all tributes. You can also export gifts for a specific tribute only by clicking the link in the Gift Details column.

Our Best Tips to Prepare for Tributes Changes

Make your transition to the new Tributes feature as successful as possible by following these important steps:

Release Notes

Read about additional enhancements and fixes for this release in the DonorPerfect 2016 Release Notes in the Knowledgebase.

Stephanie Kanak
by Stephanie Kanak

May 9 16

FREE Monthly Giving Program Marketing Kit: The Secrets to Gaining and Retaining Donors

Statistically, it’s likely that 6 out of every 10 donors who give to your nonprofit this year won’t give again next year.

With all of the social media buzz around new causes every day, it’s easy for your one-time donors to drop off and support something new after they donate to you. While this is an unfortunate fact, there’s no need to need to get discouraged if you’ve got a solid monthly giving program.

The Case for Monthly Giving

A monthly giving program is a tried and true way to boost your retention rate. New donors who join your monthly giving program are signing up to support your cause for the long haul while current, one-time donors who opt to give monthly are simply promising to be more consistent.

A successful monthly giving program will provide your mission with funds you can rely on. Whether you’re looking to open a new facility, throw a big fundraising event, or invest in marketing efforts, you can plan with the confidence that your expenses will be covered thanks to your loyal monthly donor base.

DonorPerfect wants to help your organization harness the power of monthly giving. That’s why we offer a free Monthly Giving Starter Kit to help you kick-off your program and our new Monthly Giving Marketing Kit to help make it a success.

Start Your Monthly Giving Program

From choosing a manager and a program name to setting up a secure and seamless way to pay, our free Monthly Giving Starter Kit serves as an essential guide to getting your program up and running.

Get the Monthly Giving Starter Kit Now!

Market your Monthly Giving Program

Once your program is set up, you’re ready to get the word out about your program to prospective and one-time donors as well as engage with the monthly donors you’ve got. Learn how to gain and retain monthly donors with our free Monthly Giving Marketing Kit, the newest installment to our monthly giving series.

Get the Monthly Giving Marketing Kit Now!

Emily Patz
by Emily Patz

Apr 26 16

Major Donors Create the Splash; Monthly Donors Create the Pond

If your pond is not big enough, Erica Waasdorp has several suggestions that will make it bigger. In her recent webcast entitled, Major donors make the splash, monthly donors create the pond, Erica Waasdorp offered tips for launching and expanding a monthly giving program.

While monthly donors can’t afford to write checks equal to those of a major donor, this group of constituents is the most committed and loyal to your organization. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a set of strategies whereby you thank, acquire, retain, upgrade and test your monthly donors. Here are some of Erica’s tips.

  1. Always thank your monthly donors. Donors prefer to receive a telephone call over other methods. Revise your acknowledgement process to include a unique auto-responder on recurring donors who enroll online including what they will expect.
  2. Acquire monthly donors by placing visible links on your home page and menus. Promote your monthly giving as a specially named club.
  3. Retain monthly donors by including telephone and email information on your correspondence. Reach out immediately to those donors whose credit card transaction has failed.
  4. Upgrade monthly donors to a higher amount after approximately 9 months.
  5. Test and transform your constituents to see what is more effective at attracting monthly donors. Try to convert credit card payers into ACH donors. Add a pdf to your website to encourage signups.

Watch Erica Waasdorp’s expert webcast, broadcast on April 20, 2016 and download the slides Expert Webcast – Monthly Giving.

by Arlene Berkowitz

Apr 25 16