Introducing DPMobile Swipe – Newest Member of the DonorPerfect Fundraising Suite

Are you searching for the perfect tool to accelerate your fundraising, broaden your impact, and empower your mission? Maybe you’ve been looking for an efficient way to collect and record donations in private meetings with donors, at large events, or anywhere in between. Or, perhaps you’ve been befuddled by trying to track down members for their annual dues. Whatever your particular need, DPMobile Swipe is poised to revolutionize your fundraising with a simple and easy way to collect payment on the go!

What is DPMobile Swipe?swipe-bottom

DPMobile Swipe is the latest tool in our fundraising suite that will enable you to securely process one-time credit card payments, whether swiped or manually entered–all processed through your SafeSave™ Gateway and integrated directly into DonorPerfect.

What Does DPMobile Swipe Do?

In addition to the great features already available in DPMobile, Swipe empowers you to save time and fundraise with ease. It enables you to instantly process mobile payments for ticketing, auction items, merchandise, donations, and more; and, after the payment is processed, DPMobile takes care of the rest! It will immediately email a receipt to the donor and update their record in Donorperfect in real time!

This new, powerful tool also includes the ability to:

  • Swipe a credit card or manually enter a card number to process a donation wherever you take your mobile device.
  • Securely encrypt all payments processed through DPMobile.
  • Select an existing donor in DonorPerfect or quickly add a new one with a name and email address.
  • Set the default values of the Thank You Letter, General Ledger, Solicitation Code, and Sub-Solicitation Code fields when the new gift is created.
  • View real-time fundraising progress with the Mobile Payments report.



How Can I Begin Fundraising with Ease?

1. Download or update DPMobile from the iTunes app store.

If you already have DPMobile, iTunes should have alerted you when the updated version of the app became available. (Currently, Swipe technology is only available for iOS devices.)

2. Log in to DPMobile with your DonorPerfect login credentials.

Note: The same User Security settings in DonorPerfect will apply in DPMobile as well.

3. Verify that your organization is set up with a required SafeSave™ Payments

DPMobile Swipe will detect if your organization has the required, integrated SafeSave™ Payments Gateway. When you click the “Pay/Donate” button, you’ll be directed to one of these two links:

  • DPMobile users WITH a current gateway can proceed with ordering Card Readers (see #4 below).
  • DPMobile users WITHOUT a gateway will be directed to sign up for one. And, for a limited time when you sign up for a gateway, you’ll earn a $49.99 credit to be applied toward the Card Reader. Click here to order a gateway and secure your free Card Reader.

4. Order a DPMobile Card Reader.

Clients with an existing gateway can order a Card Reader here or from within DPMobile as shown below.deviceorder

5. Plug in the Card Reader and start processing those payments!

This new tool will mobilize your team’s fundraising opportunities to collect payments anywhere and can become a driving force for your mission in the years to come.

For more information on DPMobile Swipe, visit our Knowledgebase or see this video below:

Have an idea you think will make DPMobile Swipe even better? Let us know through Suggest and Vote.


Josh Hurst
by Josh Hurst

Jul 31 15

It’s All About the Brand, ’bout the Brand

As many of you embark on a new fiscal year, you might consider making changes. One of the many changes that can take place includes a re-branding or creating a brand if you’re new to the NPO scene. Beth Brodovsky, from Iris Creative, shared her tips and advice on non-profit branding at our recent expert webcast, Truly Distinctive: Creating a Meaningful Organizational Brand.

Branding Misconceptions

According to Beth, branding is what is heard, what is seen and what is experienced. She then elaborated on the misconceptions related to branding:

Misconception Truth
Branding is about awareness. Marketing is what creates awareness.
Having a brand means everyone wants you. Not everyone wants or needs your organization.
Your brand is based on how you look. The design of your logo plays an important role. Your logo is the shortcut into the minds of your perfect donor or constituent. A good logo design supports your goals.

The Components of a Brand

Every brand includes some key components that help make it distinctive. Beth recommends focusing on these items to help you define yours.

  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Core Message
  • Graphic Identity
  • Delivery

How to Get There

The process of branding includes having a goal, establishing a strategy, and having an objective. An objective is a measurable step to achieving the strategy.

Want to know more about how you can get there? Watch our latest webinar, Truly Distinctive: Creating a Meaningful Organizational Brand.

Additional Resources


by Arlene Berkowitz

Jul 29 15

Announcing Real-Time Fundraising Dashboards in DonorPerfect

Reporting is a critical tool for any fundraising team. Being able to quickly see the current status of all your efforts is needed from a daily to monthly basis. After all, you can’t manage your fundraising efforts if you can’t measure the results. Starting this week, DonorPerfect is making your reporting faster and easier than ever before with our new dashboards feature.

On July 22, we’ll begin enabling this feature in all systems; this process will continue throughout the remainder of July and August. You’ll know the feature has been enabled for your system when you see this new screen immediately after logging in.

A New Place to Call Home (home screen, that is)


This new Home screen provides fingertip accessibility to important areas in DonorPerfect. Whether you need to find a record, add a new one, or acknowledge your donors through Receipts, the new screen is designed to help you quickly get to where you need to go. When you’re ready, simply click the middle option to access your new fundraising dashboard.

Real-Time Insights with Your New Customizable Dashboard


Your customizable dashboard takes the guesswork and extra effort out of reporting by visualizing your results in charts and tiles. By simply glancing at your dashboard, you will know exactly where you stand on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to make better data-driven decisions. Here’s a look at some of the great new features.

Share an Organization Dashboard and Keep One for Yourself

One size does not fit all, and that’s especially true when it comes to reports and dashboards. That’s why we made your new dashboard configurable. Everyone at your organization can share your Organization Dashboard while you can personalize My Dashboard for just the stuff you care about. Simply navigate between the two buttons at the top of your dashboard to see the dashboard of your choice.


Choose from 25 Dashboard Widgets and Tiles


These colorful tiles make it easy for anyone to quickly learn the status of your entire system. In addition to the number of donors and gifts, we added a tile for your current donor retention rate. Since it costs more money and takes more effort to acquire a new donor than to retain an existing one, we recommend using this to continuously set your next retention goal.


The Giving by State dashboard widget will help you see where your donations are coming from. Over the last 12 months, you’ll see giving trends from each state. The states with a higher concentration of your overall gifts will be indicated by a darker color (Texas in the above example).

Want to see your donations in Canada, the UK, or the rest of the globe? We have those too!


Spotting trends is much easier when you can overlap each segment. With the Donation History Cycle, you can see up to 5 years of giving history by month.


The Solicitation Analysis widget will show you the top ten categories that brought donations in this fiscal year. This makes your fundraising tracking a walk in the park.


Need to show the finance department your money allocations? Simply show them the General Ledger Analysis widget, complete with drill downs for each pie slice.


Where’d the old dashboard go?

We converted all the old dashboard features into the version such as Open Contacts and My Reports, which you can find under My Dashboard. But, for those of you who would like to see your old dashboard for a limited time, you can click on Return to Old Dashboard under the gear icon.


And so much more for you to explore

We’re running out of space to tell you about all the great features such as adding your own custom text to the dashboard, embedding a website or even your favorite Twitter feed. To learn more about these new features, check out our Knowledgebase or watch this video below.

We’re so thankful to all the beta testers who provided their feedback and helped us create this great feature. If you have an idea to improve the new dashboard even further, tell us your feedback on Suggest and Vote.

Josh Nelson
by Josh Nelson

Jul 20 15

SofterWare’s Summer Bounty


Summer gardens are in full bloom. The small seeds planted months ago are now pushing up through the soil with juicy, vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables! At DonorPerfect, we’ve been tending our own garden all summer long. It’s full of ideas, many provided by you through Suggest and Vote.

Now, we’re ready to share the fruits of our labor with you! We have a whole host of upgrades and new functionality that we’re eager for you to enjoy!

Social Media Integration

Are you looking for a better way to know what’s important to your donors? If so, our Social Media Integration tool is just what you need! Learning and mastering the art of social media communication can dramatically improve your nonprofit’s reach and effectiveness. In this weekend’s release, DonorPerfect will deliver a new tool to help you pursue a more informed fundraising approach. This new tool includes two main features:

1. Social Media Finder

How can you see what your donors are saying if you don’t have their information? This feature will allow you to easily search by the donor’s email address for their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts and store them in DonorPerfect!

2. Twitter Integration

Now you can see what a donor has recently said on Twitter before you make a call or write that email. As long as you have a Twitter account, your donor’s Twitter feed will display in DonorPerfect. In addition, you will be able to perform any of the following Twitter functions from their record:

  • Tweet, Retweet, or reply to Tweets.
  • Send direct messages.
  • See and store, in DonorPerfect, the number of followers your donor has.
  • Update the donor’s profile picture from Twitter.
  • And more!

Is There a Facebook Integration?

Our intention was to release this entire feature several months ago; however, before we could complete its development, Facebook changed their rules for app developers (such as DonorPerfect) which made continued development of this feature an impossibility. This decision by Facebook has forced us to discontinue development of the full Facebook integration. If you would like to have fundraising insights from Facebook in programs like DonorPerfect, please tell Facebook your ideas directly.


Instant Merge in All Browsers

We’re really excited about this one! Instant Merge is a valuable time-saving tool that allows you to easily merge information from a donor, or a group of donors, to a previously saved template and perform an automatic mail merge with Microsoft Word. Previously, this functionality was only available in the Internet Explorer browser. With this release, Instant Merge is now available in all browsers! Now you can instantly create your solicitations, acknowledgments, and end-of-year letters in whichever browser you prefer. This new feature will be released incrementally to all DPO users over the course of this coming week. Here’s the rollout schedule so that you can be ready for this exciting new feature.

  • July 13 – Clients whose names start with 1-9 or A-B
  • July 14 – Clients whose names start with C-F
  • July 15 – Clients whose names start with G-L
  • July 16 – Clients whose names start with M-R
  • July 17 –  Clients whose names start with S-Z


Additions to Help Menu

We’re always wanting to make good on our promise to provide you with products that are delightfully easy to use. We think some of the additions to our Help Menu will make your experience a little easier as you look for the information you need to keep your organization running smoothly!


1. Live Chat will now be an available option from the Help Menu. Instead of opening another tab in your browser, you’ll be able to access this quick-help feature from within DPO.

2. System Status will also be an available option from the Help Menu. This links to our StatusPage, your source for the latest updates on service uptime, known issues, and scheduled maintenance for DonorPerfect, WebLink, and DonorPages. After selecting System Status, stay up-to-date in real-time by subscribing to updates (text or email).


Simplified Mail Merge Screen

Don’t worry. You’re not losing any existing functionality, but you will notice a revamped and more efficient mailmerge screen the next time you’re ready to send some letters.



New Dashboards

This brand new feature deserves its very own blogpost (we’ll post one soon). But in the meantime, we’ll provide a brief overview. This new functionality features a dynamic and configurable dashboard with the ability to customize it with your own logos and reporting needs.


  • New Home Screen


  • The ability to visualize and analyze data using a simple drag-and-drop interface to combine reports, text, images, hyperlinks, and maps to create an interactive dashboard.
  • Charts that are animated and refreshed when loaded.
  • Dashboard elements that can be formatted with foreground and background colors, borders, and font styling to match your organization’s look and feel.
  • The ability to add, delete, or reposition certain DPO charts and reports and have them updated on your screen with current data.

  • Quickly and easily download a report or chart to Excel, PDF, RTF, or CSV right from the dashboard.
  • Clicking on any one of the items on a chart allows you to drill down into the elements of that chart. Similarly, clicking on the links in a report takes you directly to the donor records for that link.
  • Security features that allow you to control who can see and edit the dashboard on an individual basis.
  • And more!


We hope you’re as excited as we are about this bountiful harvest of new features and functionality. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Josh Hurst
by Josh Hurst

Jul 9 15

Halfway There

In addition to celebrating the 4th of July, this week marks the start of the second half of the year.  It’s a great time to start assessing how well the first half of the year has gone and start planning for the busy fundraising season ahead – it will be here before you know it!

If your organization operates on a July to June fiscal year, which is true for a significant number of our clients, you may want to consider reviewing the details in our Year-End Library in the Knowledgebase (login required).  While some of the items covered there are specific to the end of the calendar year, there’s a lot of helpful advice for fiscal year-end activities as well.

Whether you’ve begun a new fiscal year or not, we’re halfway through the calendar year, so it’s a great time to run some of the standard reports within DonorPerfect to review your 2015 results thus far.  If you’re not familiar with all of the reporting options, this knowledgebase article provides a good overview of the wide variety of reports that are available to help you gauge your 2015 progress.

To get ready for the fall, start planning for your fundraising campaigns.  If you are planning to send out solicitations via direct mail, consider an NCOA update to ensure you have a good set of addresses.  Did you know that approximately 10% to 20% of all US households change their address each year?  NCOA updating is an easy way to ensure that you can reach your constituents via direct mail.

What about online donations?  If you’re using WebLink, review any forms that you plan to use in your campaigns.  Do any need to be updated?  Would you benefit from a new form?  Remember, you can have an unlimited number of forms in conjunction with your DonorPerfect Online system and we have a library of form templates so you can easily set up the perfect form for your needs.  If you’re not using WebLink, now’s the perfect time to get started so you’ll have everything ready in plenty of time before fundraising activity really starts to pick up later in the year; you can learn all about it here.

Of course, now’s a great time to register for the 2015 DonorPerfect Community Network Conference as well.  There’s no better opportunity to meet hundreds of smart, talented fundraising professionals like yourself and learn a lot about DonorPerfect at the same time.

It’s been a busy year so far and summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the warm weather.  But, it’s also a great time to plan ahead to ensure that the rest of 2015 is a huge success.  As always, let our staff know how we can help!

Mike Sernoff
by Mike Sernoff

Jul 6 15