Innovation at Work in the Latest DonorPerfect Release

Innovation at Work in the Latest DonorPerfect Release

Innovation at Work in the Latest DonorPerfect Release

What you do at your nonprofit, no matter how big or small you are, is truly innovative. Why? Because there is no one else like you. There is no one that cares as much about who you serve with your nonprofit than you and, of course, your donors. You’re blazing a trail to help make the world a better place. You need software that can keep up.

In this release of DonorPerfect, we wanted to design something just as innovative as you. We’ve provided a more intuitive, updated look and feel to DonorPerfect that matches the already powerful, customizable functions you use everyday. We’ve also included some new features and fixes that continue to improve your productivity and save you time. In fact, many of the items we implemented in this release (almost a dozen!) came directly from client suggestions in our Suggest and Vote program. You asked and we listened. Here are a few of the ways how:

Mail Merge Template Library

In our efforts to continually improve and streamline the process of sending out Thank You letters, receipts, acknowledgements and other correspondence using DonorPerfect Online, we’ve added a brand new feature that we know you’ll love. Found in “Settings”, there’s a new Mail Merge Template library. No more uploading a template every time you want to perform a mail merge. Now, you’ll upload your templates to an online template library once and use them over and over again. (Of course, if you want to use the old method, you still can.)

Three Reasons Why This is Awesome!

  • Save TONS of time! There’s no more searching for the MS Word file on your computer to use. Just load it once into the Mail Merge Template library and go.
  • Ensure consistency. This is especially important if you have volunteers that help you with mail merges and letters. By sharing your template with everyone, you don’t have to guess which letter they are using. It’s already uploaded and stored in DonorPerfect Online.
  • Be more efficient and reduce the amount of time it takes to thank your donors.

How it Works

  1. Click the new Gear icon to access Settings.
  2. Select Mail Merge Templates.
  3. Click Upload New and select the template from your computer to use. (If you need pre-made templates to get you started, we have some available in the Knowledgebase.)DonorPerfect's Mail Merge Template Library
  4. Once your template is uploaded, you can select it when performing Mail Merges.

Want more tips on improving your acknowledgements? Visit this blog post about how Hope Haven achieved an average acknowledgement send-time of just .055 days.

Adding Donors and Organizations Directly

Add a new donor or organization right from the Main Menu in DonorPerfect!
Also in this release, we’ve made adding a new Individual, Organization or a Donor and Gift easier and faster by putting it right on the main menu! This is a much clearer and direct path to add a new donor or organization, and a short cut we know will be a big productivity gain during the busy holiday season! (Don’t worry – you can still continue to add records through the Search screen, too.)

“Not Duplicates” Option is Here!

Thanks to the amazing suggestions and support by our user community in Suggest and Vote, there is a new option on the Duplicate Maintenance Report that will allow you to flag records as “Not Duplicates” so they don’t appear on future reports. Once you bring up the report via Utilities > Duplicate Removal > Show Report, you’ll have the option to click Not Duplicates. After doing that, they will no longer show up in Duplicate Maintenance.

DonorPerfect allows you to flag records as "Not Duplicate"!

A Modern, Consistent Experience

Lastly, you’ll notice that the menu, the login screen and overall styling have been updated and modernized. While it may look different, DonorPerfect still includes the same awesome features and resources to help you from day-to-day. You can read more about this in our blog post, Coming Soon! A New Look and Feel for DonorPerfect, detailing all of the exciting new improvements.

More Information

For more information about all the improvements included in this release of DonorPerfect, including some key updates for the Tributes Beta, please visit our Release Notes in the Knowledgebase.

Stephanie Kanak
by Stephanie Kanak

Nov 23 15

Shop DonorPerfect’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Good!


DonorPerfect’s Holiday Gift Guide for Good features gifts from DonorPerfect clients who use DonorShops to sell items that benefit their nonprofit organizations.

Find something special for someone you love that benefits a cause you care about!

Links to each product are listed below the guide.

  1. For the Crafty Foodie: Food + Art Cookbook  
  2. For the Animal-Loving Little One: A Passion for Elephants
  3. For the Aspiring Artist: Hand-woven pencil holder
  4. For the Outdoor Explorer: Paddling Through Time
  5. For the Nature Lover: Wooden cardinal 

Interested in boosting your fundraising efforts with an online shop? Get started with DonorShops!


Emily Patz
by Emily Patz

Nov 23 15

Extend the Reach of Your Donation Campaigns


Following her presentation at our DonorPerfect Community Network Conference, Anna Maria Soriano from Constant Contact shared the power of email marketing in a webcast.  A record number attended this webcast on November 11, 2015.

Anna Maria gave tips to make email marketing a key element of a nonprofit organization’s marketing plan. Below are some of her tips:

  • Market for today. Today’s marketing and communications begin with email because email is the #1 app installed on devices. Since 50% of email messages are opened on mobile devices, marketing needs to be visible on them.
  • Call your constituents to action, whether you need to recruit volunteers, announce an event, share news about your organization’s accomplishments, or request financial support.
  • Repurpose your message across multiple platforms so that the content can be used in emails, social media posts, and other media.
  • Measure the success of each with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Nov 12 2015

by Arlene Berkowitz

Nov 19 15

Learn The Magic Behind The Athenaeum of Philadelphia’s Incredible 80.37% Retention Rate

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia is an independent member-supported library and museum that engages members, scholars and the interested general public to join actively in the cultural and intellectual life of Philadelphia and participate in historical, literary and educational activities.

At their National Historic Landmark building, the Athenaeum protects, preserves, and celebrates collections of books, manuscripts, architectural drawings, photographs, and historic objects. This building serves as a setting for scholars, students, architects, interior designers, and lovers of history to learn and be inspired.

At this year’s DonorPerfect Community Network Conference, the Athenaeum was awarded the DonorPerfect Excellence in Fundraising Award for Best Donor Retention Rate – for the 2nd year in a row! 

With a staggering donor retention rate of 80.37%, we wanted to know how the Athenaeum has established such a fantastic relationship with donors that they keep giving year after year.

We spoke with Tom Crane to get the full story.

But first, take a moment to marvel at the Athenaeum’s beautiful historic headquarters captured in pictures by Jim Carroll:


The Athenaeum at 219 S. 6th Street in Philadelphia

Reading Room

The Reading Room at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia




John Notman, Architect, Perspective View of Athenaeum, watercolor, 1847

Now that you know their story, find out how the Athenaeum keeps their donors coming back!

What makes donors love the Athenaeum and keep donating year after year?
Our members love our organization because we do our best to make sure they know they are part of the fabric of our institution. A lot of that comes down to basic customer service skills. We are lucky in that we have dedicated members who use our facilities and attend programs. This facetime allows us to develop bonds with our members that go above and beyond what we can do via letters or emails.

How have you maintained your success for the past two years in order to receive this award again?
I believe that our success is due, in many ways, to the same “customer service” I mentioned above. Our members feel like they’re part of the Athenaeum community, and with that, are also helping preserve the architecture and decorative arts items in our collection. They see the value of the Athenaeum as a place to learn and a place to preserve knowledge for future generations.

A best practice I truly believe in is to make new members and even visitors feel comfortable. It can be scary walking into a new place! So I see it as my job to introduce to members to our programing schedule, our facilities and all we have to offer. Something I often thing about is treating everyone from the person stumbling into our building lost, looking for direction to our most dedicated board member as a potential high level donor. Everyone has the potential to make a huge impact on our non-profit. Often subtle gestures are overlooked because there is a large focus on immediate, measurable outcomes, but I think the Athenaeum is a shining example that consistent appreciation and consideration for your members (and donors) may not have immediate returns, but helps tremendously in the long run.

What advice would you give to an organization that is struggling to keep donors?
That’s a really hard question to answer. I think it’s different for every organization. Looking through the lens of the Athenaeum, I think the best advice I could give would be to genuinely appreciate your donors and give them ALL individual attention, including the person who gives what could be perceived as a “small” donation.  You never know when attention and kindness can translate into a larger donation. I remember at the DonorPerfect conference I was part of a panel discussion. One of the gentlemen on the panel shared a story where a donor gave $.25 and their next donation was $.50. To many, that would seem inconsequential, however, he insisted that this person get a prompt acknowledgement because their donation just doubled! I think the story makes an important  point in that we have no idea how much donors can spare, and it is in our best interest to treat someone donating $1 with the same warmth as someone who donates $1,000.

How do you show donors the impact of their support?
We do our best to keep them informed about all of our renovation projects via our monthly newsletter. On a more personal level, our executive director will often offer to show new members, current members or even visitors the conservation, construction or renovations we are doing on our Historic Landmark Building that is a direct result of the support of our members.

What do you love most about working for the Athenaeum?
There are so many perks to working for a 200 year old institution. The depth and breadth of our archives, in conjunction with the passion our members have for our institution, is second to none. We have everything from phrenology heads, to books on the black arts, to blueprints of some of the most important buildings in Philadelphia. All that located in a beautiful 170 year old brownstone building. It’s an exciting experience to work in and for such a unique organization.

This Q+A is paAwards_Banner_Trophy2015rt of a feature series about the winners of the 2015 DonorPerfect Excellence in Fundraising Awards that honor extraordinary work by nonprofits. Stay tuned to for more insights from this year’s winners.


Emily Patz
by Emily Patz

Nov 18 15

Coming Soon! A New Look and Feel for DonorPerfect

New Look

If you liked the new, modern, updated look of Instant Merge in the last DonorPerfect Online release, then you’ll really like what is coming next week when we release the latest version! The menu, the login screen and overall styling have been updated and modernized. These changes will make using DonorPerfect easier and more efficient behind the scenes. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see next week when it’s released:

New Login Screen

Before you even sign into DonorPerfect Online, you’ll notice the improvements! The login screen was updated to match the new styling within the program. Functionally, it is still the same process to log in, but the screen looks slightly different.

DonorPerfect's new updated Login screen

Menu Changes

The biggest enhancements are found in the Menu at the top of the screen. First, the overall look and feel of the menu was restyled to make it more consistent with new and emerging web application best practices. Next, the items included in the actual menu were slightly altered to streamline your work. Let’s take a tour:

DonorPerfect Online's new updated menu

Consolidated Searching

On the left side of the screen, you’ll notice that the Quick Search box is still there, but Advanced Search now appears immediately below it. We’ve consolidated the search functions to this area of the screen and removed the Search button from the main area of the menu. This way, all your searching tools are conveniently located in one central place.

What’s on the Main Menu?

In the Main Menu area in the center of the screen, you’ll still see familiar items like Home, Receipts, Mailings, Reports, Tasks, Utilities and App Links. You’ll also see a new item called Add New that we know you’ll be very excited about. Using Add New, you’ll be able to directly add a new Individual, Organization or Donor and Gift. (Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do this next week when DonorPerfect Online 2015.05 is officially released. We just wanted to give you a preview of what to expect!)

DonorPerfect Online's new streamlined main menu

How do I get to my Settings, Help and Alerts?

What you won’t see on the Main Menu are the Alerts, Settings and Help options. These have been moved to the right side of the screen next to your login name. If you have alerts, you’ll see that indicated on the Alert icon. Next to Alerts is an icon for Help, which takes you to all the same familiar areas to get support in DPO, such as the Knowlegebase, Chat, the Client Area and Suggest & Vote. Clicking on the Gear icon on the far right will list the various Settings options available to configure on your system.

Where to find Alerts, Settings and Help in the new DonorPerfect Online updated menu

What Do You Think of DPO’s New Look?

Now that you’ve seen a preview of the new changes coming next week, what do you think? Are you as excited about the new improvements as we are? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Stephanie Kanak
by Stephanie Kanak

Nov 17 15