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Contact for DonorPerfect support

Phone: 215-628-4343*

Fax: 215-542-4370

*Canadian clients with phone support should use the
877 number provided to them.

Contact for DonorPerfect Payment Services Support

Call with questions about DonorPerfect Payment Services options, features, or are disputing charges.

Phone: 800-220-8611


Onboarding Team

Questions pertaining to getting activated with DonorPerfect

Phone: 800-220-3593*

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*for a directory of onboarding team members

DonorPerfect Client Relations Specialist

The main focus of the Client Relations Specialist is to ensure that your needs are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. We are your voice in addressing any unresolved matters.

Phone: 800-220-3537

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