Communicate with supporters via text messaging

DP Text Fundraising SMS Software

From the fundraising gala organizer who raised an additional $800 in a single minute to the development professional who garnered an 80% opt-in, nonprofit professionals have raised more money with the ease and efficiency of communicating through DP Text.


  • Accept donations, pledges, volunteer signups, and other communications
  • Use your own custom keyword - Example: Text “CORAL” to 501-200-4449
  • Recruit volunteers, send event invites and updates, hold contests
  • Gamify giving at events with text scavenger hunts
  • Deliver details and directions on-demand


  • Segmentation to create distinct texting groups
  • Text widgets to send guests important information
  • In-depth reports on all text activity
  • Goal meter to display fundraising progress at events

“This machine has made a HUGE difference in our efficiency!!!! By this time last year (and every year previously that I am aware of), we have been behind with entering our donations (and thus, responding to our donors with Thank You letters)! And I don’t mean just a couple days behind… I am talking several WEEKS behind. HOWEVER, we are currently UP TO DATE!!! Donations scanned this morning, already have Thank You letters printed and sent to the post office. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Sue Y.
Keystone Mission

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Fast Facts

About: DPText is a text-based donor engagement tool that helps organizations raise more money and cultivate relationships by communicating via mobile.

Category: Email + Marketing

Country Availability: United States, Canada

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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