Communicate with supporters via text messaging

DP Text

Nonprofit trendsetters & trailblazers: Get custom pricing on our cutting-edge donor engagement tool, DPText! Request a quote today to text donors about your next campaign or event.


  • Accept donations, pledges, volunteer signups, and other communications
  • Create your own custom keywords
  • Want to try it yourself? Text “CORAL” to 844-585-0681
  • Recruit volunteers, send event invites and updates, hold contests
  • Gamify giving at events with text scavenger hunts
  • Deliver details and directions on-demand


  • Segmentation to create distinct texting groups
  • Text widgets to send guests important information
  • In-depth reports on all text activity
  • Goal meter to display fundraising progress at events

“Initially I was concerned about the tech part because I’m not techy. But DPText and the DP Giving Meter were very easy-to-use and contributed to the overall success of our event. I think it’s a great service…I’m really happy.”

Leslie McGarry
Development Manager, Serra Center

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Fast Facts

About: DPText is a text-based donor engagement tool that helps organizations raise more money and cultivate relationships by communicating via mobile.

Category: Email + Marketing

Country Availability: United States, Canada

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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