Year-end fundraising with DonorPerfect

The DonorPerfect team is here to set you up for year-end success. Need a cheat sheet, planning tools, walkthroughs, or other resources? You’re in the right place.

Plan around your donors’ giving rhythms

We took inspiration from the donor engagement cycle and plotted your year-end fundraising course so it feels natural for you and your supporters. By the time you get to the solicitation phase, your donors will be primed and ready to give generously!

Phase 1: Planning, identification, and acquisition

Get a head start by prepping your database, getting your mailing lists ready, and acquiring new donors who will support your mission at calendar year-end.

nonprofit development team celebrating successful year end fundraising

Create a successful year-end fundraising plan using the donor engagement cycle

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development professional preparing segmented fundraising list

How to prepare your database for year-end fundraising

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DonorPerfect year end fundraising guide screenshot

Year-End Procedure Guide

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Fundraiser setting ambitious fundraising goals

How to set ambitious and attainable year-end fundraising goals

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Phase 2: Qualification and cultivation

There’s so much to know about your donors – why they choose to support you, what motivates them to give, and their capacity to make a difference for your mission. Now’s the time for your donors to learn about the wonderful things you do for your community, too.

fundraiser developing year end campaign message on laptop

Tips to Craft Your Year-End Campaign

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nonprofit communications team developing year end messaging strategy

How to create a year-end fundraising communications plan

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Fundraising executive explaining donor segmentation strategy

How to create donor segments for your year-end campaign

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Phase 3: Solicitation

We like to think of asks as invitations to become part of your mission. With the right messages, who wouldn’t want to join your team in your quest for a better world?

Writing a nonprofit year end solicitation email

How to write email appeals for last-minute donors

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Phase 4: Stewardship and Review

The first step to retaining your year-end donors is showing appreciation! Make sure to get out timely thank-yous, review your year-end results while your memory is still fresh, and take some time to celebrate all of your hard work.

Using Fundraising Videos in your year end fundraising strategy screenshot.

How to use video for effective and meaningful stewardship


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