DonorPerfect Release Notes

DonorPerfect Release Notes

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Paypal and Venmo now available on DonorPerfect Online Donation Forms

March 31, 2022

2022.3 Release

PayPal is now an available payment option for DP Forms.

  • You can add an existing or create a new PayPal business account in the Payment Options section in DP Forms.
  • Donors can pay via PayPal balance or credit, the pay later feature, or use Debit/Credit.
  • PayPal gifts will receive a Payment Type of PayPal and a Gift Type of PayPal

Venmo is now an available payment option for DP Forms.

  • You can add an existing Venmo account to the payment options section in DP Forms.
  • Venmo gifts will receive a Payment Type of Venmo and a Gift Type of PayPal.

An alert will generate for users who refund or void a PayPal or Venmo donation in DonorPerfect with instructions to adjust the gift in PayPal or Venmo.


February 28, 2022

2022.2 Release

  • The Fundraising Goal feature is now live. You have the ability to add up to three Fundraising Goals on the Home Page.
  • You can now send emails via your preferred email provider through DonorPerfect. When you click on Send Email on the Main Page, you can select Via my Email and select your email provider.
  • Sending an email using “Via My Email” creates Contact Transactions. The system creates Contact Transactions to indicate when the email was sent and if there was a reply.
  • Gift Batch Entry - The Binoculars Icon is available when entering in Soft Credits for Batch Gift Entry.


January 24, 2022

2022.1 Release

  • Drop-Down Fields can be added via DonorPerfect Donation Forms (DP Forms). You now have the ability to create a new drop-down field or code in DP Forms and it will be created in DonorPerfect.
  • Ability to edit field properties in the form. You can now change the description of codes, reorder codes, add new codes or even hide codes for existing drop-down fields.


December 9, 2021

2021.12 Release

  • Donation Forms will update the following fields when a donation is successfully submitted: Gift Fields, Main Fields, Pledge Fields.
  • These fields will be automatically populated for all gifts with a thank you letter code assigned, a default email template associated with the form, or a customized template associated with the form. It will also only update these fields if they are not already populated.
  • The Thank You Date and Thank You Email Letter Date Sent will automatically be populated with the current date when a receipt is generated and delivered by Donation Forms.
  • Receipts will automatically be sent for monthly and one-time gifts. Receipt fields will be automatically updated as well.*Note: If the email template assigned to the form, does not have an associated TY Code, the receipt fields will not be populated automatically.
  • TWhen a gift has a Thank-You letter code assigned, the default email sent from the donation form will be disabled so that donors are not receiving multiple communications.
  • The Email Receipt History Report will reflect a source code of DPForms when a thank you code has been assigned by a donation form.
  • When a donation form email template is used to send a receipt, the Thank-You letter field on the corresponding gift record will be updated to DPFORMSEMAIL.
  • On a donation form, you can now toggle between two choices for a confirmation email. You can create a custom email in the donation form, or apply a DonorPerfect email template.
  • You will have the option to assign a thank you letter code to the donation form.
  • Most recent customizations made to the default email template will be saved even if the option is deselected in favor of a DP Email template. If the default email template is re-selected, the assigned Thank You letter code will be automatically removed.
  • The Thank You Letter Code field will be restricted and not available to add as a custom field as it is already available under Settings.
  • Thank you emails will be automatically sent by Donation Forms when the default email template is being used. The thank-you email will be sent by DonorPerfect when a thank-you letter code is assigned and therefore a DonorPerfect email template is being used.


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