DonorPerfect clients love our dedicated customer service team and our commitment to their success. We have the best support in the industry. Period.

As a DonorPerfect client, you can lean on our live chat support team and DonorPerfect Communities, our online client engagement center, for assistance resolving issues, learning new features, and discovering best practices for using your DonorPerfect system. Everyone from your newest staff members to your most-seasoned development professionals will greatly benefit from DonorPerfect Support.

Support Plans at a Glance

Chat Phone + Email Concierge
Product Updates
Pre-Release Enhancements
User Meetings
DonorPerfect Communities Access
Client Advocate
Call the President Hotline
Chat Support
Spotlight Webinars
Virtual Desktop-sharing Support
Toll-Free Phone Support
Email Support
24/7 Support
Senior Dedicated Support Team

Hours for Chat and Phone + Email Support
Monday-Friday 9:00AM-8:00PM ET

Hours for Concierge Support
Monday-Friday 9:00AM-8:00PM ET,
Plus 24/7 After-hours Support

Choose the DonorPerfect Support Package that’s right for you:

Chat Fundraising Support for DonorPerfect

Included Support


Chat support is included with all subscriptions. Reach out to our top-rated support team via chat as often as you like with any questions you have. They’ll provide direct answers, helpful articles, videos, and more.

Automatic Updates and Enhancements

Your subscription also includes the latest product enhancements, which are automatically updated each month. No need to download any files! We’ll provide blogs, how-to guides, videos, webinars, and “Walk Me” tutorials that take you step-by-step through each update.

DonorPerfect Communities

You’ll also have access to DonorPerfect Communities, our online resource of how-to guides, videos, our popular user forum, a Suggest & Vote area for client product suggestions, My Account updates, and more. Available 24/7, it’s more than online help. It’s a community where DonorPerfect clients and staff work together to make fundraising, donor management, and DonorPerfect easier, more productive, and successful!

Client Advocates

Lastly, access to the client advocates ensures that your needs are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. Our client advocates act as your voice in addressing any unresolved issue.

Phone & Email Fundraising Support for DonorPerfect

Additional Support

(Phone & Email)

It’s no surprise that DonorPerfect’s Phone, Email, and Chat Support Bundle is our most popular support service. With this complete support package, you can choose the way you’d like to connect with our team based upon the questions they have or issue they’re experiencing.

Check out the top 3 reasons most DonorPerfect clients subscribe:

  1. Our top-rated support team maintains a net promoter score (NPS) of 77, which far exceeds the average rating for the software support industry as a whole.
  2. When we say “dedicated” support representatives, we mean it. While support departments typically struggle with high turnover, we’re proud to say that DonorPerfect’s company culture encourages our reps to stay! Most members of the support team have been with us for over 7 years. So every time you call, you’re speaking with a bonafide expert!
  3. Many issues are best resolved over the phone. With phone support, a DonorPerfect support representative can share your screen and help you resolve issues in real time. Your representative will stay on the line with you until you’re happy with the solution and feel equipped to best to use your DonorPerfect system the moment you hang up.
Concierge Support - Fundraising Support for DonorPerfect

Concierge Support

(Exclusive Perks)

Concierge Support is designed for clients who use their Phone, Email, and Chat Support Bundle often. This VIP support bundle includes all of the benefits of Phone, Email, and Chat Support, plus:

An Exclusive Concierge Support Line

Enjoy the convenience of even lower wait and response times with exclusive access to our concierge support line, email address, and chat.

A Dedicated Concierge Support Team

Concierge support representatives only work with concierge clients. You’ll work with technicals experts who know your system, your organization, and you by name.

A 24/7 After-hours Support Line

With concierge support, you’re covered when the unexpected happens no matter the day or time.

"As part of support, I'm able to connect with clients on a daily basis and help troubleshoot issues they're facing. My support role is both fulfilling and challenging as it presents the opportunities to help so many nonprofits make the world a better place, even if it's just one report or letter at a time."

Kevin Ruhf

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