Online Forms in DonorPerfect

Join this webinar to learn how easy it is to create an online giving form using the drag and drop form builder. You will learn how to incorporate your logos and brand colors to increase your donors trust as well as provide common payment options they will love using. You and your donors will enjoy the modern and frictionless experience.

In this webinar you will learn how to convert page visitors into donors by: Creating a form, Styling the form with your logos and brand colors, Mapping fields to DonorPerfect, Crafting messages to say thank you, & Reviewing transactions in DonorPerfect

**You’ll find the webinar handout here:

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Afternoon, everybody. Today we are going to be getting into DonorPerfect phones 101. We’re going to be discussing the new drag and drop forms in today’s webinar. My name is Shawn McClellan. And I’m going to be your trainer today. So what are Read More

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