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Spread the word and rally support for your cause by creating persuasive appeals that encourage donors to give to your mission.

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Animation of AI fundraising bot generating content for a website

Establish a strong online presence with professional blog content, website copy, press releases, and newsletters that highlight your organization’s impact and mission.

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Save time creating, optimizing, and personalizing materials for fundraising campaigns like Giving Tuesday and year-end. Quickly generate cohesive communications:

Animated agenda creation by the ai fundraising bot

Develop detailed grant proposals to secure funding from organizations and foundations. Organize clear agendas to keep board and employee meetings on track. From announcements to training materials, keep your team aligned and informed on important updates.

AI fundraising bot example email generation

Produce promotional content for galas, auctions, or walkathons, encouraging attendance and participation, from beginning to end:

Create captivating video narratives about your nonprofit’s achievements and foster a sense of community. Through thoughtful storytelling, you can captivate your audience and inspire action in a meaningful way.

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This AI writer is for nonprofit fundraising purposes only. The content created by this bot is generated by ChatGPT. Please see complete terms of use for full details.
Developed in support of the Fundraising AI Framework.