ReadySetAuction @Event & Wrap Up DP

At the end of this webinar, clients will be able to communicate what is needed for event preparation and demonstrate how to check in guests, record sales, check out guests and transfer data to DonorPerfect given they have a complete plan of RSA with event data properly entered. They will be able to do this in their own system at the end of their event.

Pre-Event Checklist, @Event Details, Communications & Reports, Event Wrap Up, Transfer to DonorPerfect, & Accessing event data

**You’ll find the handout for the webinar here:

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So welcome everyone to the second part of our ReadySetAuction webinar series at event and wrap up. What we’re hoping is that by the end of today’s webinar, you guys are going to be able to walk away with a few key knowledge points, you’ll be Read More

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