This webinar will review the important starting blocks for a successful event. We will start with the basics of navigation, getting help, and terminology. Then we will move onto understanding the purpose of an administrator, designing an event website, and entering donations of various types, including items to be auctioned. Finally, we will review entering RSVPs by adding donor and bidder information, how to send solicitation letters and invitations, and some best practice tips.

Before you start resources, Critical setup steps for getting started, Setup details, & Tips for before the event

**You can find the handout for this webinar here:

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Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to our webinar. This is ReadySetAuction go for our events series. So this is going to be one of the webinars in our event series this week. This is the first for ReadySetAuction, the second Ready Set option at event webinar Read More

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