Online Forms for Nonprofits

Eye-Catching Event Registration Forms

Continue the exciting experience of your fundraising event invitation all the way through to registration with a stylized form that mirrors your organization’s event theme and brand.

Mission-Minded Crowdfunding Pages

Unlike GoFundMe and Facebook, DonorPerfect Crowdfunding enables your organization to collect and store all fundraiser and donor data from every campaign. It’s your data, after all.

volunteer form

Simple Volunteer Sign-Up

Invite supporters to pitch in by listing opportunities on your website, social media posts, and emails and linking to a volunteer form that enables them to enlist their help sign up in seconds.

membership form

Benefit-Boosting Membership Forms

Showcase all that a membership can offer with a customizable form that enables you to highlight all of your organization’s levels and the awesome benefits that accompany them.

monthly giving form

Dedicated Monthly Giving Forms

Promote your monthly giving program as an effortless way your donors can support your mission year-round. Put your program front and center with a dedicated monthly giving form.

ask-anything survey form

Ask-Anything Surveys

Improve operations with the help of your donor community. Because our forms also serve as nonprofit survey software, you’re equipped to gather feedback on just about anything.

Why DonorPerfect Online Forms Plus?

With DonorPerfect Online Forms Plus, you’ll get all the benefits of DonorPerfect Online Forms plus a whole lot more!

  • Customize your donor’s experience with custom form fields, items and sections not available in standard forms.
  • Streamline data collection by adding any unique fields you have in DonorPerfect to your form.
  • Unlimited customization lets you control the size and position of fields and form sections.
  • Get exclusive access to forms and templates, available only to DonorPerfect Online Forms Plus users.

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