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  • Based in Montreal since 1987
  • Donor data hosted in Canada
  • Bilingual support and training
  • Billing in Canadian dollars
  • Experts in tax receipting following CRA standards

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Why choose DonorPerfect?

Nonprofits raise 20% more funds in their first year using DonorPerfect.
Imagine what your team could accomplish with software that’s proven to help nonprofits grow.

DonorPerfect Form payment methods, paypal & venmo

Online fundraising

Collect online and mobile gifts with donation forms that do data entry for you.

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Automated workflows

Streamline operations with time-saving tools, automatic features, and integrations.

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Donor communications

Grow and engage donors via email, social media, direct mail, and on your website.

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Donor data and insights

Get more from your data with custom reports, nightly address verification, and fundraising dashboards.

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Gifts and payments

Save time by processing donations and payments directly through DonorPerfect.

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Monthly giving

Retain up to 90% of recurring donors with a set-it-and-forget-it monthly giving program.

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Fundraising events

Bring donors together in person and online with hassle-free event management tools.

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Discover DonorPerfect fundraising software


Raise more with top-rated donor management and fundraising tools.



Choose a fundraising software package that meets your needs and budget.

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Build your perfect system to include everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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Create beautiful, branded donation forms that are as unique as your mission.


Show gratitude to your supporters with receipts that follow Canadian Revenue Agency standards.

Using DonorPerfect’s Receipting tools, you can send out email and letter receipts to your valued donors, as well as thank donors for the donations they have made.

DonorPerfect’s Receipting feature enables you to:

  • Send email receipts, letter receipts, or both.
  • Send individual or consolidated receipts
  • Send acknowledgements with or without an official receipt
  • Reissue receipts by email or by letter
  • Preview every email receipt message before it is sent
  • Customize templates for each occasion: add an image, colors, hyperlinks
  • Issue receipts and acknowledgements in English, French or any other language
  • Include currency symbol
  • E-receipt securely encrypted
  • Create contact records for sent receipts automatically
  • Generate notification letters for tribute donations
Ai Guide for nonprofits

AI for Nonprofits: The Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Fundraising Communications

Many of today’s nonprofit employees remain stretched thin, struggling to keep up with everything that’s asked of them. Generating fundraising communications with Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides your organization with an extra set of hands – and has been proven to increase return on investment. Our free guide explores how you can use AI tools to support your mission (and beneficiaries) with abundance!


Personalized onboarding, on-demand training, and customer support

When you purchase DonorPerfect, our expert team partners with yours so everyone you lean on can learn and leverage your new system on Day 1 and beyond.


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Support and training when you need it, from bilingual DonorPerfect experts.

DonorPerfect clients love our dedicated customer service team and our commitment to their success.

As a DonorPerfect client, you can lean on our live support team and DonorPerfect’s online client engagement community, for assistance resolving issues, learning new features, and discovering best practices for using your DonorPerfect system. Everyone from your newest staff members to your most-seasoned development professionals will greatly benefit from DonorPerfect Support.

Choose the DonorPerfect Support Package that’s right for you. Our Canadian team is based in Montréal and is always available to answer you in English or in French.

Manage all of your donor data and fundraising campaigns in one place

DonorPerfect is your nonprofit team’s complete fundraising hub. Coordinate development and donor engagement efforts with features and tools built for collaboration.

Flexible terms and affordable pricing

Here at DonorPerfect, our terms are based on our top priorities: your happiness and success. That’s why, we offer a low upfront deposit, flexible monthly payment options, and no long term contracts.

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Learn and grow with free nonprofit resources

Access fundraising guides, expert webinars, and donor engagement templates anytime, from anywhere in the Nonprofit Resources Library.

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DonorPerfect is an amazing tool for our organization. I truly could not do my job without it. The simple design, deep functionality capabilities, and endless customization options make it an amazing CRM for nonprofits.”

– Nicole P., Philanthropy Associate

10 years with DonorPerfect. Still a strong yes. DonorPerfect is fast, cloud-based and accessible anywhere, powerful and flexible, customizable, and easy enough for new staff to use comfortably and with confidence while the admins can create calculated fields and custom report solutions.”

– Rick M., Advancement Operations Manager

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