Donor Data & Insights

Get to know your donors.

Delving into your donor data is a sure fire way to see fundraising success. The mantra is simple: Know your donors, grow your donors.

The Donor Data & Insights Growth Track is designed to give you an in-depth look into who your donors are, their giving history and ability to give, and what messaging motivates them to support your cause.

The track begins with features in your core DonorPerfect system like Report Center, online donation forms, and engagement data from Constant Contact email marketing. Next, you can opt to comb your donor network through powerful integrations like prospect research and wealth screening to determine who has given when, how much, and the likelihood they’ll give again in a greater amount.

  • Custom Reporting

    Access and share information with ease by organizing all reports within a single dashboard. Create custom reports and build custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can measure and share what’s most important to your organization. Make better decisions based on key metrics including retention rates, average gift amounts, new donors vs. repeat donors vs. reactivated donors, and more.

  • Prospect Research and Wealth Screening

    Just because someone’s wealthy doesn’t mean they’re a major donor. That’s why DonorSearch goes beyond the basics of prospect research by recommending prospects who are known for their philanthropy first and their wealth second. With DonorSearch, you can identify major donors, target tailored major gift solicitations to the right constituents, and gauge the appropriate ask amount.

  • NCOA (National Change of Address)

    While effective, direct mail fundraising can be a costly initiative due to paper, printing, and postage. Effortlessly ensure that every mail solicitation is received by ensuring your donors’ contact information is always up to date.

Major Gifts Ebook

8 Best Practices for Major Giving

This free e-book delves into best practices that can help you harvest major gifts to fuel your mission. Best Practice #1: Mine your data!


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