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When was the last time a donor responded to your annual campaign? Do some donors give more during GivingTuesday versus other campaigns? How much did a donor give in the last 3 years? These are questions that can be answered through the use of Calculated Fields in DonorPerfect – available to you right from your donor records and in the data you pull from reports. DonorPerfect’s robust reports use the fields in your system to track donor giving data; and although DonorPerfect comes loaded with hundreds of standard fields, you can fine tune reports to your needs with these additional custom calculations. Now you can take your reporting to the next level!

Custom Calculated Field Features

Custom Real-Time Calculations

  • Create new fields easily with an intuitive builder
  • Use calculated fields in filters and reports
  • Populate fields in donor records automatically based on criteria you set
  • Calculate the count, sum, or average of data you specify in a filter
  • Determine the most recent or first donor interaction based on criteria you set in a filter

Calculated Fields Use Cases

  • Quickly identify the last date a donor made a gift to a specific campaign
  • Discover your top foundation donors within a specified date range and state
  • Sum or count gifts solicited by individual board members
  • Calculate the number of hours your members volunteered
  • Add to your records the date of the first event or volunteer experience of your donors

10 years with DonorPerfect. Still a strong yes. DonorPerfect is fast, cloud-based and accessible anywhere, powerful and flexible, customizable, and easy enough for new staff to use comfortably and with confidence while the admins can create calculated fields and custom report solutions.”

Rick M., Advancement Operations Manager

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