DonorSearch Prospect Research


DonorSearch Prospect Research

DonorSearch for DonorPerfect is the number one prospect research tool for major donor acquisition. It has the widest selection of public records available, bringing you data on individuals’ charitable and political giving, real estate and stock holdings, business affiliations, and nonprofit involvement. Equipped with this data, you’ll be better able to engage these VIP donors and make the most appropriate ask.

Because the DonorSearch data flows seamlessly into your DonorPerfect records, it becomes actionable right away. Leverage the information in your DonorPerfect reporting to prioritize who to target and to populate letters and emails with DonorPerfect’s seamless letter and email personalization.

DonorSearch Features

DonorSearch Online Suite

  • Perform a one-time, in-depth wealth screening of up to 5,000 existing donor records
  • Determine your donors’ Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) score
  • Segment donors by their unique “quality” score that DonorSearch provides, based on their likelihood of giving to organizations like yours

DonorSearch API

  • Instantly update individual DonorPerfect records with DonorSearch wealth data at the touch of a button
  • Access detailed wealth information that shows ability to give, philanthropic activity, and nonprofit affiliations

Marketing Lists

  • Locate thousands of new major donors specifically interested in causes like yours
  • Curate your search, using over 300 criteria to perform wealth screens
  • Your new records will be added to DonorPerfect for you

New! Goal-based AI predictions

DonorSearch’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) prospect scores offer precise, data-driven predictions to identify the most promising donors for your organization, customized to your unique goals. These scores enhance the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts, ensuring you engage with the right supporters and maximize your impact.

DonorPerfect works so well for us because we can completely customize it using the Screen Designer module. We can add new fields as they become relevant, and we can search those fields through reports.”

Emily W., Executive Director

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