Monthly Giving Resource Center

Monthly Giving Success Hub

Turn your one-time donors into loyal advocates for your cause

Monthly Giving Resources

Why Monthly Giving?

Gain sustainable revenue, higher donor retention and bigger annual contributions through your monthly giving program.

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Planning For Success

Map out your monthly giving program specifics and set measurable goals for success.

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Monthly Program Setup

Set it and forget it! Funnelling recurring giving donations into your organization.

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Recruiting Monthly Donors

Target the right donors and effortlessly promote your recurring giving program

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Running Your Program

Successfully manage and process your monthly giving program payments.

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Monthly Donor Stewardship

The keys to retaining and growing your most loyal donor base

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Growing Your Program

Proven ways to gain new donors and ask existing donors to increase their gift

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Monthly Giving Templates

Communication templates designed to equip you to run a successful monthly giving program.

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Resources + Training

Explore our monthly giving resources, best practices and training opportunities.

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