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DonorPerfect New Users Webinar Series

Free Introductory Webinar Series

DonorPerfect New User Webinars are designed to help you learn the basics of your system. These info-packed courses cover everything from system overview to receipting, beginning to end and will help you take your best step forward as you get started with DonorPerfect software. Because we know you’re busy, these webinars are set up so you can take them within your first 6 weeks of using DonorPerfect. After you complete them, you’ll have the knowledge and best practices you’ll need to successfully navigate your new DonorPerfect system.

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Your journey starts with Step 1. Meet DonorPerfect, your new fundraising growth partner!

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For best results complete steps 1-7 in order within 2 weeks of starting with DonorPerfect. Click Step 1 to begin.



What is DonorPerfect?

Step 1: What is DonorPerfect?

This webinar provides new DonorPerfect Users with an overview of their new system. Topics include:

  • The big picture
  • Tips for successful database setup
  • Types of records
  • Entry screen review
  • Code setup and purpose
  • Next steps

You'll want to attend this webinar within a week of purchasing DonorPerfect.

Once you see the big picture of DonorPerfect, you’re ready to dabble in data entry.



Data Entry 101

Step 2: Data Entry 101

Learn how to enter and manage your data in DonorPerfect. Topics include:

  • Entering individual donors, organization donors, gifts and pledges
  • Setting up key fields for meaningful reporting
  • Leveraging resources that will help you excel

Be sure to attend this webinar the day after your system’s delivered.

Need to import data into DonorPerfect? The next webinar will show you how!



Importing 101

Step 3: Importing 101

This webinar is especially recommended for those that have purchased DonorPerfect without a data transfer and need assistance with entering their data. Topics include:

  • What’s an import?
  • Prepping your file for importing
  • Usable templates
  • Uploading donor, gift, and volunteer data
  • Field matching
  • Problems to avoid

You should take this webinar within 3-5 days of receiving your system.

Once your data’s in DonorPerfect, you’ll want to set up receipting.



Receipting 101

Step 4: Receipting 101

Learn the fundamental components of DonorPerfect’s time-saving receipting tool. Topics include:

  • Understanding key gift entry fields
  • Setting up a letter template
  • Sending thank-yous in a few quick clicks

Attend this webinar within two weeks of your system’s set up.

Next you’ll learn how to report on your gift and donor data.



Reporting 101

Step 5: Reporting 101

This webinar will introduce you to the fundamentals of producing reports in DonorPerfect. Topics include:

  • Creating and using basic selection filters
  • Producing basic constituent reports
  • Providing contribution details in multiple report views
  • Fundraising progress reports
Take this webinar following the completion of Receipting 101.

Once you understand reporting, it’s time to set up your online forms.



DonorPerfect Online Forms

Step 6: DonorPerfect Online Forms

Learn the basics of DonorPerfect Online Forms. Forms can be used for online and mobile donations, monthly gifts, volunteer sign ups, event registration, and more! Topics include:

  • What are DonorPerfect Online Forms?
  • Creating a form
  • Downloading your data into DP
  • Field mapping

You should be acquainted with online forms within 3 weeks of receiving your DonorPerfect system.

Now, you’ll want to know how to power your donation forms to accept payments in Payment Processing 101.



Payment Processing 101

Step 7: Payment Processing 101

Learn how to save time and help raise funds for your organization using DonorPerfect’s payment tools. Topics include:

  • Code maintenance
  • Benefits of DonorPerfect Payment Services
  • Getting started
  • Processing one-time and recurring gifts
  • Refunds and voids
  • Resources

For the best learning experience, take this webinar right after Online Forms 101.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the DonorPerfect New User Webinars.

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